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Somali Government Plans to Stimulate Economy by Burning Down Remaining Unburnt Villages

Editor’s Note: PJLifestyle has recently agreed to a content sharing agreement with the progressive blog Sunny Points Memo, the journalism wing of Sunny TV. Each week we will be featuring various hard-hitting journalistic reports from Sunny’s team of 21st century Woodward and Bernsteins.


It’s no secret that Somalia is one of the world’s most desperate economies. After years of tribal warfare, mass looting, and a lack of any rule of law, Somalia’s unemployment rate is no one has any f**king clue because it’s a mess over there, but it’s close to 100%. And the only reason it isn’t 100% is because piracy is a thriving industry employing thousands.

Sadly, the people in Somalia are once again starving on a mass scale. But the benevolent regime now in charge of the Southeast corner of the country, for the next week or so at least, plans to do something about it. “America is most successful country. We want life like America. So, we read in New York Times, destroy buildings and create gold, so, we do that.” Says self styled General Abe Bebe Koosh.

There is optimism in the air for the first time in a decade in that part of the country. The new regime is the first in a long line to look without, to try to learn from other countries in the world, and apply what’s working. After reading the New York Times, the worlds most respectable and intelligent newspaper, they plan to cause a little destruction to stimulate the economy. The theory is, though many villages have been burned in the past those measures didn’t go far enough. If they burn down the remaining unburnt villages, they believe they will finally have the riches and prosperity they desire and no one will go hungry.