This Is How We Win: Why Patriots Will Take the Day

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Pour a bourbon, true Americans. The patriots are winning!

Now, you might be saying: “Woah, KDJ (not to be confused with KJP, which happens sometimes in the PJ Media Slack app). How are we winning?”


FACT-O-RAMA! KDJ is my nickname amongst friends. Feel free to use that to address me in the comments section, a dive bar, or at a Red Wings game. KJP is an atrocious White House press secretary who would not have a job if she were straight and white, Asian, or Hispanic. She’s really bad at her job.

We are winning in several ways, and I’m about to spell them out.

For starters, the Chinese commies have been buying farmland that — oddly — is near some of our secret squirrel military bases.

The “Fufeng Group” recently dropped mad stacks  — $2.3 million — on 300 acres near the Grand Forks Air Force Base, which is home to some top-secret drone technology. But the USAF claimed that would be bad for business.

Air Force Assistant Secretary Andrew Hunter sent a letter to North Dakota’s senators. It read, in part;

Grand Forks Air Force Base is the center of military activities related to both air and space operations. While the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States concluded that it did not have jurisdiction, the department’s view is unambiguous: the proposed project presents a significant threat to national security with both near- and long-term risks of significant impacts to our operations in the area.

The Fufeng Group, which calls itself “an internationalized bio-fermentation products manufacturer,” had plans to build a “corn mill” on the property, until the Grand Forks City Council voted 5-0 to shut it down.


The vote came down Monday, shortly after the USAF shot down a Chinese spy balloon, but not until Adderall Joe Biden allowed it to traverse the U.S.

CONNECT THE DOTS-O-RAMA! Hunter Biden’s laptop tells us the Biden crime family has hoovered tens of millions of dollars from the Chi-comms. These are the same Sinese apparatchiks who Joe Biden allowed to fly a balloon over our nation, and who make billions of dollars in U.S. fentanyl sales, which kill at least 80,000 Americans per year, many of them teens. I see a possible connection, do you?

DeSantis Uber Alles

New College of Florida, a lefty state school in Sarasota, was going full woketard until Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis decided it wasn’t

The NY Times once referred to New School as “Florida’s most progressive college.”

MARX-O-RAMA! The word “progressive” now means “woke,” which now means “communist.”

The taxpayer-funded school has recently undergone some changes. Most notably, DeSantis appointed six new people to the board of trustees, including legendary pedo hunter Christopher Rufo!

The new board wasted no time in ending the contract of school president Patricia Okker, leaving Florida New School snowflake students stunned and even weepy.

Trans-pansexual Folly

As our intrepid Matt Margolis recently reported, a lefty lesbian mom allowed her four-year-old son to “socially transition” to a girl. She decided it was a mistake, hit the bat chute, and threw her plan into reverse — which is almost unheard of in the world of the lib. In other words, she woke up.


As Matt reported, the woman wrote;

Instead of orienting him to the reality of his biological sex by telling him he was a boy, we wanted him to tell us if he felt he was a boy or a girl. As true believers, we thought that he could be transgender, and that we were to ‘follow his lead’ to determine his true identity.

As we can see, a LGBTBLUE-ANON mommy learned the hard way: let boys be boys and girls be girls. Fortunately, her son was only four years old, not 15, or she might have cut off his penis in honor of the Gaystapo, which will clearly come for her throat now that she refuses to bend her son’s knee at the altar of woke.

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If we can get one commie mommy to put aside her woke agenda, we can get more. If we can take over one woke college, we can get them all. If we can thwart one commie “corn mill-spy center” near a military base, we can chase the vile commie rodents from our nation, under God, with liberty, once and for all.



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