The Slow Boiling States of America

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We’ve all heard the story. If you throw a frog into boiling water it will hop out, but if you put it in room temperature water and gradually turn up the heat, it will slowly boil to death because it won’t even feel it coming. That frog is us, and some of our own politicians are turning up the gas.

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Communism is coming to the world disguised as “green” and “woke” for the supposed betterment of the planet. Remember, communism is ALWAYS presented as being for the “better good” of the people. If you speak out against it, you are an enemy. You will be called either a racist for not playing the woke game or someone who is selfishly destroying the planet because you didn’t buy an electric car.

FYI: the commies pulling strings don’t care about “woke” or “green”; it’s all just a ruse to force people into obeisance and then communism, and those stupid frogs don’t even see it coming. Once you agree to live a green and woke life, as determined by the commie masters, you are easily controllable. You’ll see why in a minute when we discuss “ESG.”

FACT-O-RAMA, EH? Canada’s Chief Accountant, Chrystia Freeland, recently reminded her people that recession and inflation are why Canada needs to “go greener.”

As our own David Solway reported, “Price increases, a reminder of why climate action is so important, and why we have to work faster towards a green economy.” The benefits, according to this authority, are clear: More green energy, lower prices. The claim is so fatuous as to induce intellectual migraine.”


  • Many organizations with the words “international” or “world” are run by global communists, specifically: International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Health Organization (WHO), and World Economic Forum (WEF). These organizations are run by commie globalists. Pay attention to anyone who praises them, for they are commies.
  • Environmental and Social Governance (ESG). An ESG rating tells the world how environmental (green) and social (woke) you are. Big banks are now refusing to invest in or loan money to companies or nations that don’t have the “correct” ESG rating. Trump had a plan in place to keep banks from having this much power but Biden canceled that plan days after taking office.
  • If successful, people will be the next to have ESG ratings. If you don’t maintain your ESG rating you will be punished. The globalists will look at your ESG rating and decide if you get meat that week, or if you are allowed to get on a plane, comrade.

PINKO-GAME BOOK-O-RAMA! Commies usually try to divide the people by class, (rich vs poor) but here in the States, they are dividing us by race. Any time you hear some jackpudding talk about “white supremacy” or suggest that “white people are hunting black men,” you are either dealing with a bolshie who is in on the plan or more likely a “useful idiot” who believes the commie codswallop and is merely regurgitating it as instructed.

  • Sri Lanka decided it wanted to raise its ESG rating. The government stopped using inorganic fertilizers. Crops fell by 40-50%. The tea crop, the largest export, was decimated. The country went bankrupt buying more food. Then the gas ran out. The people began protesting, then rioting. The cops and military shot at their own people. On Saturday, the protestors overran the president’s palace and the Prime Minister’s home was burned to the ground. Who offered to help? China, the IMF, and India. China and the IMF are communists. India offered to help so that China doesn’t get too much influence over the region. If Sri Lanka accepts aid from the Chinese or the IMF, they will be beholden to their commie masters.

FACT-O-RAMA! Thanks to Joe Biden leaving Afghanistan to the Taliban, China gained a major roadway to Pakistan (India’s enemy) and helped China, Pakistan and Afghanistan become closer trade partners. India and China are already fighting over a mountainous region on their border. China now has a highway to Pakistan and can use it for trade or troops. Chinese influence has grown.

  • The government of the Netherlands decided to go green and is trying to shut down 30% of their farms to do so. This too will lead to starvation and riots. This is the commie plan. Who will come to the rescue? China and the IMF.
  • The U.S. is already seeing food and baby formula shortages. Gas is insanely expensive. This is what Sri Lanka looked like seven months ago. Any American politician who supports the IMF, WHO, or WEF is a globalist commie who can’t be trusted.
  • The American military is chasing out true American warriors (who refuse to get the vaccine) and replacing them with “woke” soldiers who practice pronoun training. When the time comes, the new woke military will have no problem shooting patriotic Americans because they will see us as the enemy (many probably already do). But that won’t happen for a while.


  • Joe Biden purposely cut oil drilling, which caused prices to soar.
  • The IMF TOLD Biden to remove Trump-era tariffs in the name of supposed global prosperity. He is considering it, at least for China.
  • He is pushing the green agenda by telling us to buy electric cars.
  • He is riding the “woke train” going so far as to call Kyle Rittenhouse a “white supremacist” for ventilating three commies who attacked him. He is also king of affirmative action hires, like Kamala Harris, Rachel Levine, Karine Jean-Pierre, and Sam Brinton. Clear, present, and dangerous truth that Biden is onboard with green and woke ESG agendas and pushing division like a good commie soldier.

What Can We Do?

Make yourselves aware of what is happening. Vote accordingly (while voting still matters). Tell others what is happening without sounding like a tinfoil-hat wackadoodle. Buy ammo to legally protect yourself. They can’t control us if we all stand up together. What’s happening in Sri Lanka and the Netherlands WILL happen here, and the left-leaning members of our political structure will allow it to happen.

Look at Canada. Peaceful truckers had their bank accounts frozen. THAT is communism, and it’s just across our border. We watched in the U.S. as Democrats allowed the non-binary animals of Antifa and BLM to burn our nation with near impunity. The enemy is no longer at the gates; they are taking a dump in our bathtub.

This post will drastically hurt my coming ESG score and will likely result in my not getting medicine, the “right” to travel, or perhaps a hot dog. I hope you enjoyed it!

P.S.: Please take a moment to watch this WEF video about their plans to take the world into communism by 2030. They aren’t even keeping it a secret. They mention that a billion people will be displaced by “climate change” (green). That means they will be coming here, and you will have to do better at accepting that (woke). And meat will be a special privilege because less meat is better for the environment (green). The commie push is on. Buy ammo. Freeze meat.


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