Poor Lamb! Antifa Teacher on the Run, Claims He Fears For His Safety and Job After Project Veritas Blows His Cover

Gabriel Gipe was caught admitting to abusing his authority as a teacher by indoctrinating students in class. Screenshot from embedded video.

As I reported yesterday, the heroes at Project Veritas released an undercover video showing a proud antifa communist teacher bragging about how he has 180 days to indoctrinate his students and make them Marxists. How does he do it? He “scares the f*** out of them.


Now the proud commie peacock is running scared. He refused to defend himself to another Project Veritas reporter. He claims he fears for his safety, and is worried about his brainwashing teaching gig, which means he KNOWS what he was doing is wrong.

Even his fellow Antifa clowns aren’t happy with him.

In the tweet below, fellow antifa stains bemoan Gipe’s willingness to spill his commie guts to an undercover Project Veritas reporter. They also question his over-zealous approach to indoctrinating young high school kids and turning them into fellow Marxist comrades.

Some highlights from the undercover video:

  • Gipe gives extra credit points to students who attend far-left extremist rallies
  • He has an antifa flag and a Mao poster hanging on his classroom wall
  • Gipe believes taking up arms against the “state” is a good thing, though it always fails
  • He shamed a student who claimed the antifa flag made him uncomfortable
  • Gipe isn’t the only pinko recruiter at the school

There is a school board meeting scheduled for tonight. Gipe’s lawyer suggested he not show up.


A Project Veritas reporter tried to speak with Gipes, clad in a communist t-shirt, as he was taking a walk with his wife and dog. He didn’t have much to say. The same reporter went to the school principal as well as the school district for interviews. He was blown off by everyone, as can be seen in the Twitter videos below.

Gipe released his own video, wah-wahing that he might lose his job “doing what he loves doing in the classroom.” By that, he means avoiding the school’s curriculum and vomiting communist propaganda to young, impressionable students. He also worries about his personal safety and security. Funny, how commie cry-babies react when they are caught red-handed. Red, get it?!?! Rim shot!


I’ll show myself out…



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