Australia Wants Taiwan in the WHO, No Matter What China Says

Li Xueren/Xinhua via AP

Earlier this week, I told you about how our friends Down Under aren’t taking any of China’s crap. Australia wants an investigation into the origins of COVID-19 the Chinese virus, so of course the Chinese aren’t happy. The virus came from China, the Chinese government lied about it and covered it up and silenced whistleblowers, and absolutely everybody knows it. But you’re not supposed to say that, because China is full of Chinese people and therefore criticizing them is racist. So when China threatened economic sanctions and Australia told ’em to stuff it, that was bad and it made libs angry.


Well then, they sure ain’t gonna like this. Eryk Bagshaw and Anthony Galloway, The Age:

Australia will support Taiwan’s return to the World Health Organisation as an observer four years after it was ousted by Beijing, risking another diplomatic spat.

The position, which follows an appeal from Taiwan’s Health Minister, is consistent with Australia’s long-held view that Taiwan should be able to participate in practical cooperation at the UN health agency…

Australia and China’s foreign ministries have traded barbs over the past week… That tension is set to peak at the World Health Assembly on May 17, when Australia will formalise its call for a global independent review.

Every household has the good China and the other China. Taiwan is the good China.

The other China can go copulate with themselves. Maybe it’s just me, but if your country unleashes a plague that kills hundreds of thousands of people and threatens to ruin the global economy, I don’t really care how angry you are that I dare to say so. I don’t care which other countries you do or don’t recognize. I lost any desire to do anything you tell me to do when you drove me into my home and tried to kill my family and friends.

That’s the problem with destroying the world: You’ve got nothing left to threaten us with. What are you gonna do if we don’t shut up, China? Unleash another world-ending plague?


我不接受共产党的命令。 操你

P.S. ABC is no better than a propaganda arm of the Chinese Communist Party, and Jimmy Kimmel likes his paycheck. Hey, at least the Chinese think he’s funny.

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