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Meet the Radical DOJ Lawyer Suing Florida to Keep Foreigners on Voter Rolls

The DOJ filed a complaint against Florida today to stop Florida from removing ineligible non-citizens from the voter rolls.  (Yesterday DOJ, disgracing long-established tradition, leaked this impending news to a sycophantic blogger.)  Florida has already discovered noncitizens who voted illegally in previous elections.

The lawsuit filed today seeks to stop Florida from purging non-citizens from Florida voting rolls.  No word on whether Eric Holder’s Justice Department will be filing criminal charges against the foreigners who illegally registered to vote. Priorities lie elsewhere.

Let’s meet Jenigh Garrett, the radical DOJ Voting Section lawyer who filed the lawsuit today to stop Florida from removing non-citizens from the voter rolls.  She is a long-time opponent of state election integrity laws, as are so many of the recent hires exposed by the PJ Media Every Single One series.  From the report:

Jenigh Garrett: Ms. Garrett worked for approximately five years as an assistant counsel at the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund (LDF), where she worked on voting-related litigation. She co-drafted the NAACP LDF’s amicus brief in Crawford v. Marion County Board of Elections, claiming that voter ID laws are unconstitutional (a position the Supreme Court rejected in an opinion by Justice John Paul Stevens).

Garrett also was a member of the organization’s litigation team in Hayden v. Paterson, arguing that felon disenfranchisement laws violate the Voting Rights Act (a position the Second Circuit rejected). She is a member of the American Constitution Society and recently gave a presentation at Yale Law School on “The Future of Black Legal Scholarship and Activism.” Although DOJ’s FOIA shop notably redacted her other activities on her resume, perhaps legislators in Virginia can ask her about them: she is the redistricting point of contact for the Commonwealth.

Jenigh Garrett

(Read at PJ Media about another lawyer on the complaint, Elise Shore).

I describe in detail in Injustice how the radical anti-election integrity agenda of the Left is now burrowed into the Voting Section at the Justice Department advancing this agenda using your tax dollars.  Now these lawyers are perverting Section 8 of Motor Voter, a provision designed to fix the problems in Florida, not preserve them.

Two items of note.  In the complaint, the DOJ did not bring the threatened case under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. DOJ claimed in a letter that the voter purge procedure had not been precleared by DOJ under the Voting Rights Act.  People familiar with Florida’s election procedures tell me that threat was baseless, that all of the laws and rules had been precleared.

Lastly, PJ Media has been reporting for two years how the Eric Holder DOJ refuses to bring Section 8 cases under Motor Voter to force states to clean up their voter rolls.  Indeed, I first broke news about these corrupt instructions in July 2010, instructions which DOJ has never specifically denied, because they can’t.  A former Justice Department official tells me tonight it is “deliciously ironic that the first and only NVRA Section 8 case brought by the Justice Department is one seeking to block the removal of ineligible voters.”

I’m usually a fan of delicious irony, but this latest outrage from Obama’s embattled attorney general marks a new corrupt low, even for him.