Republican Reaction to Mar-a-Lago Raid

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In the wake of the FBI’s unprecedented tyrannical raid on former U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida, the Republican reactions — for the most part — have been rolling in fast and furious. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) quickly called for an investigation “when Republicans take back the House” of Representatives. Um, what?


While that’s hardly the timely reaction this sort of blatantly politicized government overreach deserves, I suppose at this point we have to be grateful the GOP leadership is even reacting at all.

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel called out the Democratic Party for its obvious hypocrisy and lawlessness regarding Hunter Biden and others — Hillary Clinton and her 30,000 ‘missing’ emails, anyone? — on the left who have not been held to account in the recent past.

McDaniel told Fox & Friends that the raid of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was “deeply concerning” and “such an overreach.” “President Trump was right when he compared this [raid] to Watergate,” she said. “This is the government using an agency to spy on a potential opponent’s campaign. This is truly frightening and it is not what our democracy stands for.” While that’s true, it’s also frightening because of the myriad of other implications it has for each and every American’s right to privacy.


Former Vice President Mike Pence also shared his concern over the Mar-a-Lago “search” on Twitter, calling it “unprecedented” and something that had never been done before in the 245-ish years of the history of the United States. Is Pence really just figuring out now that the left is desperate and has taken off the gloves?

The former vice president went on to tweet that “after years where FBI agents were found to be acting on political motivation during our administration, the appearance of continued partisanship by the Justice Department must be addressed.” Pence also added that the FBI’s action “undermines public confidence in our system of justice and Attorney General Garland must give a full accounting to the American people as to why this action was taken and he must do so immediately.”

While that’s all well and good, did you notice how Pence used the left’s term “search” and not “raid”? Kinda makes you wonder why, doesn’t it? It’s not like the FBI casually and delicately perused the former president’s home and belongings. According to Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade, the president’s son Eric Trump told him there was “nothing in the safe” when approximately 30 FBI agents “raided on behalf of nation[al] archives.” Eric Trump also said “this [raid] is outrageous” and the permission to carry it out had to come from “POTUS and/or someone in White House.”


In a statement on Monday, President Trump himself declared that the unannounced FBI raid “was not necessary or appropriate” and that the Democrats actually “broke into the home of the 45th President of the United States.”ImageImage

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Representative Mike Garcia (CA-25) agreed that the raid was “a flagrant abuse of federal power.” And let’s not forget that the Democrats just muscled through money for “87,000 IRS agents” — that’s more agents than fans who attend games at some American college football stadiums.

In a four-tweet thread, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said of the raid: “it is corrupt & an abuse of power.” “Congress must demand answers. We need hearings; we need subpoenas,” tweeted Cruz. “Dems in charge will refuse, but the American people deserve to know why Biden is using the FBI as his political enforcers. Tin-pot dictators do that, but that’s not how America works.” At least it’s not how America is supposed to work, Senator.


Additionally, Cruz pointed out this is the same Department of Justice (DOJ) that “ignored Hunter Biden (who filmed himself committing multiple felonies); ignored Hillary Clinton; largely ignored BLM/ANTIFA rioters; ignored dangerous protestors outside Justices’ homes; & ignored Jeffrey Epstein’s clients. WHY??” Why, indeed.

As Cruz noted, Obama’s own attorney general, Eric Holder, “predicted the Biden DOJ” when Holder tweeted this gem in October of 2016: “In the USA we do not threaten to jail political opponents. @realDonaldTrump said he would. He is promising to abuse the power of the office.” One thing is certain: The left always tells us their plans. The problem is this time we need to believe them because they are who they say we are — always — and this time they’re telling us they’re power-hungry abusive tyrants who are deathly afraid Donald J. Trump will win the White House in 2024, fundamentally stopping their globalist “transition” of America permanently.



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