Jerry Falwell Jr. Calls Donald Trump a 'Dream President' for Evangelicals

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell called Donald Trump a "dream president" for evangelical Christians, a judgment perhaps in keeping with the president's executive order championing religious freedom.

"I think evangelicals have found their dream president," Falwell declared on Fox News. He argued that the president achieved a great deal in his first 100 days and gospel-centered Christians are grateful.

"I think reuniting Israel with America after eight years of treating them badly, appointing Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, appointing people of faith to his cabinet in almost every area ... I think he is attacking ISIS so that Christians being murdered in the Middle East will stop," Falwell listed. "All those things evangelicals love."

There is some evidence to support Falwell's bold declaration. A poll last month found that Trump voters gave the president a high approval rating (94 percent), and only 2 percent said they regretted voting for him. Considering that a whopping 81 percent of self-described evangelical Christians voted for Trump, this suggests evangelicals are happy with the beginning of Trump's time in office.

But a "dream president"? Perhaps Falwell should remember that Trump invited televangelist and prosperity gospel preacher Paula White not only to speak at his inauguration, but to attend the religious liberty executive order ceremony on Thursday.

Yes, the same Paula White that Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, described as "a charlatan and recognized as a heretic by every orthodox Christian, of whatever tribe." White has a history of bankruptcies, failed churches, and unsuccessful marriages. She preaches the gospel of health and wealth rather than the saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Trump is also the same candidate who said, "I'm not sure I have ever asked God's forgiveness. I don't bring God into that picture." The president claims to be a Christian, but Jesus made clear throughout the gospels that repentance is central to forgiveness, and he taught his disciples to ask God for forgiveness in the "Lord's Prayer," the model prayer for followers of Christ.