The Morning Briefing: Democrats Still Lying About Ferguson Seven Years Later

The Morning Briefing: Democrats Still Lying About Ferguson Seven Years Later
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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Things get weird in the taco bar whenever Jello Boy shows up.

Dealing with American Democrats always means bouncing between two realities: the Democrats’ reality and real reality.

Yeah, it’s a bit exhausting at times. One does, however, get used to it, as it is the only way they know how to behave.

One of their more enduring myths is the story that Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media have been spinning about what happened in Ferguson, Mo., in early August of 2014. Yes, Michael Brown was fatally shot by officer Darren Wilson.

That’s pretty much the last fact that the right and left in America agree on.

The story that grew out of that galvanized the nascent Black Lives Matter movement and brought it into the spotlight. “Hands up, don’t shoot!” was being repeated everywhere. Brown never actually said that but that didn’t matter once it was repeated for the thousandth time in the MSM. Despite the fact that Wilson was never indicted and even the Obama Dept. of Justice debunked a lot of the false narrative, prominent Democrats still love lying about Ferguson.

Kevin had a post yesterday about this lie that keeps on giving for the Democrats, this time from Cori Bush:

Cool story, except for the part where it didn’t happen.

Kevin goes on to reference this story from our Townhall colleague Spencer Brown, which pretty much blows up Bush’s race-baiting narrative.

Democrats are allowed to lie about Ferguson with impunity. Yes, we’re writing about it here at conservative media outlets but it’s a safe bet that The New York Times or The Washington Post won’t be exhibiting any curiosity about this latest mendacious word barf from the always execrable Rep. Bush. She could start telling stories about being attacked by a ship full of space alien invaders who all look like Donald Trump and there would be shrugs all around in the MSM.

I’m still one of those weirdos who truly believes that things might not be so tense in America if the left would just stop lying about, you know, everything.

But especially this thing.

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