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Inflation and Critical Race Theory Have Similar Failings — Both Hurt Democrats

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

The left is fond of a term called intersectionality. Wikipedia defines it as “understanding how aspects of a person’s social and political identities combine to create different modes of discrimination and privilege,” but that’s academic nonsense.

Intersectionality is a clever way for all grievance groups to support each other in left-wing agendas. So, if you’re in the Korean Student Association, for example, you should also support the gay agenda. If you’re an environmentalist, you should also abhor Israel. It makes zero sense and is disgraceful, but it’s also a reality.

Critical race theory (CRT) and inflation seem an odd pairing, since many Americans actually like CRT, though no one, I assume, likes paying higher prices. But politically they are linked. It’s a real version of intersectionality.

The recent fights over CRT in Virginia’s elections had little to do with President Joe Biden or the U.S. Congress. But national Democrats are still being blamed for them since local politics isincreasingly nationalized.

A recent Washington Post poll showing Republicans ahead of Democrats among registered voters by 10 points is the largest GOP lead in the survey’s long history.

The main driver of the voter dissatisfaction with Democrats is the economy, particularly inflation, which marked a three-decade high last month and shows no sign of reversing.

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Inflation is brutal for parties in power because it affects everyone, especially those living paycheck to paycheck; it also fuels a psychological belief that life is spiraling out of control.

Democrats can tell voters not to believe their eyes or try to obfuscate the issue, but people know they’re paying higher prices for food, gas, energy, and supplies.

As for the CRT comparison, trying to talk people out of their concerns only makes them angrier.

Whether the Virginia schools were technically teaching CRT isn’t as relevant as some believe.

Finally able to witness the piss-poor education many of their kids receive due to teachers’ union-induced school closures, many parents were appalled. Democrats’ attempts to tell them they didn’t understand what they saw came across as smug and disconnected.

Inflation presents the same dilemma but on a larger scale.

Biden spent 2021 dismissing inflation concerns because he needed to push radical spending proposals.

“There’s nobody suggesting there’s unchecked inflation on the way,” Biden insisted this summer, before transitioning to a soon-to-be-debunked argument that it is a “transitory” problem.

Finally, in recent weeks, the president acknowledged that inflation is a real problem but audaciously claims that his profligate “human infrastructure” spending plans — the same ones he championed when denying inflation existed — are the panacea.

Problems in Biden’s first 10 months have been exacerbated by ignoring or outright misunderstanding facts on the ground.

If inflation is still raging next summer, Democrats will lose the House and Senate. And if it lasts much longer than that, they deserve to lose the Oval Office.

Even intersectionality can’t save them.