The Morning Briefing: Evil Democrats Want to Pretend That Inflation Doesn't Hurt

The Morning Briefing: Evil Democrats Want to Pretend That Inflation Doesn't Hurt
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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I don’t know why, but I feel that a barn dance is fitting right now.

I would like to begin by thanking everyone who responded to the VIP pitch last week. It was awesome and we have a lot more people jumping onto the other side. For those who chose not to, I’m still here with the Briefing, my friends.


As you may have noticed, America is experiencing a bit of financial distress.


Each month economists attempt to gauge how average Americans are weathering the ups and downs of the U.S. economy. By using the simple yet clever technique of adding the U.S. unemployment rate (4.8%) to the current rate of inflation (6.22%) economists quantify the economic well-being of the country into a Misery Index. The current U.S. Misery Index stands at 10.82%.

If you have spent any time at all perusing the mainstream media you have been told that the money hemorrhaging from your wallet ain’t no thang.

But it is.

Democrats want us to believe that this economic train wreck that Gropey Joe is subjecting us to is somehow normal. Only in the fever-dream of an avowed leftist could this economy be a good thing. It’s gotten so bad for them that they are trying to convince you that the $90 you just spent to fill up your Altima is actually a good thing.

Sorry, lefty macroeconomics lecturer, it still costs a lot.

Beltway elitist Democrats truly believe that Americans who have to pay for things don’t understand what’s going on with their wallets.

Spoiler alert: we do.

This will ultimately be the Democrats’ undoing. As their own James Carville once said, “it’s the economy, stupid.” They can’t wish away the real-world consequences of their actions.


Democrats want you to be miserable.

Conservatives don’t.

Choose wisely.

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