The Morning Briefing: Joe Biden Is Too Far Gone to Know That He's the Problem

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Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friend. We’re mostly here to cover up the evidence,

A big part of our ongoing struggle here on the conservative side of the aisle is trying to convince even a few lefties that they’ve lost their ever-loving minds. We can’t have a reasonable dialog with them whilst they’re banging their heads against a padded wall.

I would like to remind everyone that I’ve never been the guy who dismisses his political others as being not in possession of their faculties. There are, however, people who are still insisting that our alledged president isn’t a train wreck.

I just can’t anymore with these people.

Alleged President Biden recently assessed the ills plaguing the country and — because he was left off-leash for a moment — kind of pointed the blame finger at himself.


During a recent speech, President Joe Biden wanted Americans to understand what is at the bottom of the country’s mood right now. The list he provides of the issues his administration has caused is rather astonishing. Clearly, he knows what has Americans upset: the endless pandemic, lengthy school closures in blue states at the direction of teachers’ unions, rising energy prices, and sluggish economic growth.

Hey Joe, how ya doin’?

It’s a bit rough when critically dealing with this president. There are cognitive issues that a lot of us deal with in our aging families. We set emotional boundaries of critique that satisfy us. The parameters of criticism change when the subject is the president of the United States, however.

Joe Biden is not all there. Anyone who says he is is either a pathological liar or a participant in a mass delusion that will soon destroy the United States of America.

Here’s the thing: The pre-senility Biden would hate almost everything this Biden is doing. We’re being subjected to the America-hating whims of a cabal that’s controlling his brain.

VIP Week Highlight

We’re celebrating the second anniversary of the launch of our VIP program all week. Many of us will be writing nostalgia pieces that I’ll share snippets of here for the rest of the week. Here’s something from my friend and colleague, VodkaPundit:

We’re celebrating the second anniversary of the launch of our VIP program all week. Many of us will be writing nostalgia pieces that I’ll share snippets of here for the rest of the week. Here is my good friend and colleague’s offering, “Where Do We Go From Here?”

Some of you have been here, just like me, for almost 20 years. It’s been one helluva ride, one I’m not getting off until they pry my cold, dead hands off the safety bar.

But I have to tell you something: I am so in love with PJ Media’s VIP content that we’ve been doing now for exactly two years.

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Trust me, dear readers, you will never have so much fun being in an important fight.

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