The Kruiser Kabana Episode 158: 'Let's Go Brandon' Is Working Magic In My Life

In one of my Morning Briefings last month I was waxing on about how much I was enjoying the “Let’s Go Brandon!” meme. Kevin and I talked about its lasting appeal during an episode of “Unwoke” too. It’s just good clean dirty fun.

I have been surprised by the fact that, lo these many weeks later, the meme’s entertainment value for me hasn’t diminished one bit.


I bought a “Let’s Go Brandon” t-shirt a couple of weeks ago, mostly because I live in a very blue city and it’s all about making friends. Community outreach, if you will. I decided to give the shirt its public debut at a University of Arizona football game last week and — not gonna lie — it was kind of fun. This episode is mostly about the reaction to the shirt but it probably also reinforces the fact that my sports fandom is incurable.

I like fun. “Let’s Go Brandon!” makes things fun.