The Morning Briefing: Barack Obama Hates Joe Biden, the Truth, and Man Jeans

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Obama Thinks He Won the Election

Happy Black Friday, offbeat travelers on the Kruiser Morning Briefing way. I hope you all managed to work around the COVID-y weirdness and enjoy your Thanksgiving Day. All was quiet but well here at the Kruiser Bunker.

We will be doing another quick, holiday weekend affair today. There are leftovers and online deals to be dealt with, after all.

Perhaps some day drinking as well.

Last week it became painfully clear to me that Barack Obama’s latest fit of spotlight-hogging wasn’t going to end any time soon. The book tour for what I believe is his seventy-fifth memoir may last until the next presidential election, given The Lightbringer’s attention fetish. What I find most curious is the timing of this tour. I mused about it a bit in a column last week:

The timing of the book release can mean only one of two things: either he thought Trump was going to win and wanted to steal his thunder or he thought Biden was going to win wanted to, well, steal his thunder.

Obama and his people will probably insist that the tour was set up by the publisher and the fact that it coincides with the immediate aftermath of the election is pure coincidence. One thing that we learned from his time in office, however, is that Obama and his people are pathological liars. The former Attention Sponge-in-Chief knew exactly what he was doing when he ordered the publisher to release the book immediately after the election.

The disrespect for Joe Biden here is hard to deny, and it’s classic Obama. He begins to fade from existence if he goes more than five minutes without anyone paying attention to him. Since it’s RACIST to deny him, he knows he can just snap his fingers and get the cameras turned back on him. Obama obviously knew that his turn as the belle of the post-election Attention Whore Ball could potentially shove Grandpa Gropes into the background at a time when he should be enjoying his greatest triumph.

And he didn’t care.

I don’t really care that he’s crapping all over Biden, I’m just pointing it out as a reminder of how awful he is.

Not that Obama himself isn’t busy reminding us that he’s a terrible human being.

Tyler wrote a post on Wednesday covering Obama’s recent public insulting of evangelical Hispanic-Americans.

During the same interview, His Undeniably Messianic Divine Lightbringerliness also hit Trump with the “kids in cages” talking point, completely omitting the fact that it was his administration that began the practice.

Barack Obama has only a casual relationship with the truth. It doesn’t matter, because anyone who dares point out that he is lying is immediately branded a racist Klansman puppy-murdering Nickelback groupie.

The only real hope we have to get Obama out of the news for a while is to send him off to write another memoir. It’s not like he ever has to accomplish anything for one of these books, after all. Perhaps he can regale us with 400 ghost-written pages about his recent uncomfortable romantic encounter with quivering fanboy Stephen Colbert.

For the moment, I will just have to take comfort in the fact that he’s probably not irritating me nearly as much as he is Joe Biden’s puppeteers.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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