Obama's Everywhere With Paste-Eater Hot Takes This Week

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Idiot King Obama Has Thoughts and Stuff

This guy, amirite?

While hundreds of thousands of words are being written every day right now about President Trump being unwilling to just step aside and let Joe Biden have his moment in the sun, none of the MSM hacks writing those words are mentioning the fact that Joe’s old boss Barack Obama is everywhere these days.

The Lightbringer released a new book just a couple of weeks after the election and there is no way that was coincidental. Obama is a malignant narcissist who probably shrinks into nothingness when he is in a room that doesn’t have a mirror or someone else in it to look at him.

The timing of the book release can mean only one of two things: either he thought Trump was going to win and wanted to steal his thunder or he thought Biden was going to win wanted to, well, steal his thunder.

That’s right Joe, your pal Barack doesn’t really like you.

Heck, Obama didn’t even get around to endorsing the Masked Groper until Bernie dropped out and he was the last candidate standing. Yeah, Barry hit the road with Joe near the end of the campaign but I’ll guarantee that had more to do with his desire to get out of the house and have his butt kissed than it did with helping Biden.

Because Obama has a new book out, the media types who still have crushes on him have been falling all over themselves to interview him. Again, he knew it would be like this.

Sorry Joe.

One of the most irritating aspects of the Obama era was that the press treats virtually every inane syllable that drips out of his mouth as if it were history-altering brilliance. In reality, most of what he says is pablum wrapped in a few layers of pedestrian blah.

It’s no secret that I’ve never been a fan of 44. For those unfamiliar with my opinion of the man, here’s an idea:

The world is filled with highly educated people who would have a difficult time thinking their way out of an open bathroom. Barack Obama has always struck me as being one of them. In the beginning of his rise to political prominence he would at least put some effort into his rhetoric. Once he became president and realized that the fawning press was going to swoon over every word of his he got kind of lazy.

The man hasn’t been personally challenged on an idea or an opinion in twelve years and it shows. Now he’s gallivanting around on a book tour offering up gems like this:

Furthering the lie that, by trying to ferret out any irregularities Trump is attempting to overturn results for no reason whatsoever. That’s like saying that the cops who just caught a bank robber fleeing with the loot are stealing from him when they return the money to the bank. This oh-so-keen garbage Obama observation is a perfect companion to this one of his (offered with more commentary from yours truly):

The man who played the biggest part in making this country divided LONG before Donald Trump was even on the presidential radar is just getting around to letting us know he thinks there’s a problem.

Tune in tomorrow when Barack Obama informs his devoted fan base that race cars go fast and Ulysses Grant is still dead.


I know it’s too much to hope that this guy just goes away to enjoy the millions he made off of selling books that no one really reads. I would like to think that one day he might have something worthwhile to say but I’ve been watching this movie since 2008 and the script has always sucked. There will be no getting away from him because he writes a memoir every seven months or so.

I guess I will just have to content myself with thanking God for the 22nd Amendment.

Whiskey helps too.

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