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[WATCH] Buffalo Gym Owner Tears Up $15,000 Health Dept. Fine—to the Cheers of Business Owners

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Gym owner Robby Dinero found out the hard way that standing up for the right not to be unreasonably searched or have his business seized by local tyrants gets a citizen into a heap of trouble in the Empire State. After a video of Dinero and other business owners chasing the Erie County health inspector and sheriff’s officers out of a private business after hours for not having a warrant to enter the premises went viral, Dinero was served with a $15,000 fine. The health department was trying to shut down Dinero’s after-hours protests.

[WATCH] Buffalo Business Owners Revolt Against Health Department and Sheriffs: ‘GET OUT! WE WILL NOT COMPLY’

Dinero went on Fox News to tell his story and then tore up the fine on camera, signaling that he does not intend to pay it. Dinero told Fox, “My business is closed, just like they want me to but I was here after hours and the sheriff came again, escorting a Department of Health official. I told them to get off my property…I told them to make an appointment and come back.” The sheriff’s officers left again but taped a notice of a $15,000 fine to the door of the gym. “Any infringement on our liberty goes too far. We are born with inalienable rights bestowed upon us by our creator. They are guaranteed by the Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights,” said the veteran. “Our freedom cannot end where people’s fear starts.”

Dinero also challenged Governor Cuomo. “Come to my dinner table and look our kids in the eyes and say ‘your father and your mother isn’t an essential worker.'” The gym owner destroyed the government “leaders” still collecting paychecks while people in the trenches are suffering and going broke. “They also don’t have the guts to answer why they get to draw a $225,000 salary for Governor Cuomo and for [Erie County executive Mark] Polancarz $103,000 salary, but the working man and woman doesn’t get to earn. They get to take our money but we don’t get to earn,” he scolded. “They don’t have the guts to tell us that. That’s the worst kind of leadership.”

Dinero’s GoFundMe has raised over the amount of the fine and it’s likely it will go toward lawsuit costs if the state does not back down.

Dinero finished his interview by tearing up the proclamation from the county ordering him to pay them $15,000—to cheers from the business owners behind him. If Cuomo thinks he’s going to shut New York down again, I think he’s delusional. The people of New York need to feed their families and no amount of fear-mongering over a virus is going to stop parents from taking care of their children. This is a dangerous game that officials are playing with people’s lives and it’s only going to get more dangerous for whoever is standing in the way of liberty.