The Morning Briefing: Lock Up the Lockdown Governors

The Morning Briefing: Lock Up the Lockdown Governors
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Enough Lockdown Madness Already 

It’s week 7,298 of the #Coronapocalypse lockdown and a lot of Americans have reached the “I’m not staying here any longer, you idiots,” phase. 


I’ve actually been there for weeks but decided to play along with the New Rules because I was saving lives or something. I’ve treated the lockdown with far more respect than it’s treated me.

We are allowed to be opening up here a bit in Arizona, but some businesses are remaining closed and virtue-signaling all over the place, posting long social media messages about how it’s just “not safe” yet. I’m making a list of these places to make sure they don’t get any of my money in the next year or two. Some of them are favorites of mine, so it won’t be easy. 

Some restaurants and bars are choosing not to reopen because they have such small spaces that there simply isn’t any way for them to make money operating under the social distancing, half-capacity rules. 

If that’s the way things are going in a state that’s less restrictive than most, then I truly feel for those who are living under the heavy, tyrannical thumbs of Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer and their ilk. 

The “never let a crisis go to waste” crowd continues to overplay its hand, which is why this would be the perfect time to begin some real push-back against them. 

The expected spike in new COVID-19 cases in states that reopened early never materialized. In fact, the opposite has been true. States that have remained shut down have been seeing the spikes.

If we’re really all about “SCIENCE!” then it’s time to take a serious look at ending all of the lockdowns.


The governors who are arbitrarily extending lockdowns are now just fetishizing power grabs and making everything all about themselves. They need to be reined in for the financial well-being of the people whose lives they’re ruining with their uncontrolled egos. 

There is a very real possibility that 20/20 hindsight will show us that little, if anything, was achieved by shutting down people’s lives and livelihoods. It will have been a self-inflicted and wholly unnecessary tragedy. 

And there won’t be any do-overs.

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Bee Me

The Kruiser Kabana

I probably wouldn’t mind a longer lockdown if I were spending it here.

Let’s all get drunk with power this week and lockdown nonsense.


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