The Kruiser Kabana Episode 38: Bridget Phetasy Pt. II and TOTALLY Uncensored

We had some fun here. In the second, longer part of my interview with my friend Bridget Phetasy, we explore the creative work that she is doing all over the place right now. We also discuss the podcast of ours that never was (but would have been GLORIOUS).

My favorite part of the whole thing is that Bridget leads off with an f-bomb before I even get the chance to say hello. That’s comfort, people.

Bridget mentions a piece that she’d just written for The Atlantic. It posted the next day and — like everything else she does — is really good.

As I mentioned in Part I, Bridget is another fun one on Twitter. Her interactive online community can be found at Check her weekly video Dumpster Fire on YouTube. Lastly (she’s a content machine), her podcast “Walk-Ins Welcome” can be found at

Buckle up and have some fun with us, my friends.



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