The Morning Briefing: Virtual(ly Empty) Coronapocalypse Holy Week Begins

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Let Us Pray Our Way Through This

We are now moving into the phase of the coronavirus apocalypse that I truly believe will be the most trying for those who aren’t used to working from home all of the time. There has been some novelty in these first few weeks — learning to use Zoom and whatnot — that’s been carrying everyone through the madness. Now it is time to settle in and I fear that this transition will wreak some emotional havoc on my more extroverted friends.

For those of us in the Roman part of the Christian calendar, this is the beginning of Holy Week. We are preparing for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is by far the most intense week of the year for devout Christians.

It is, however, also an important week for those who aren’t so devout.

Easter is a time of gathering for many people. Those of us who are devout like to joke about the people who only show up for Christmas and Easter, but we’re still glad they are there.

Here during Coronapocalypse 2020 I worry about those Christians whose only connection to faith is Christmas and Easter-centric.

Easter services are one of the only tethers to faith that many have. Yes, that’s an indictment. Still, it’s reality.

It’s going to be rough this week navigating Christian denomination traditions that lead up to Easter. Here from the devout Roman Catholic side of things I can report that not being able to go to Confession or Communion this week is going to make things a real struggle this week, the bishop’s dispensation notwithstanding.

I think what may get really weird for people this week is that Easter Sunday is a big social gathering day for secular people too. Of all the things we’ve been told not to do, avoid family and friends on Easter Sunday is one of the biggest tasks. Yes, we had to get through Saint Patrick’s Day, but Easter is a bigger deal because it ropes in all of our relatives who don’t party.

I’ve talked to friends and family about this, and they all see my point of view.

Prayers going up for everyone, however, they need to get through this week.

Yeah, we’re heading into some uncharted territory, but I kinda like the way we have been dealing with it all so far:

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