The Morning Briefing: In Walmart We Trust During Troubled Times

(Walmart, Southington, CT by Mike Mozart via Flickr)

Where Is Your God Now

As we go through all of this END TIMES apocalypse fun, it’s good to look at things that aren’t oh-so awful. Our good friends at Walmart Inc. are helping us through the storm in a couple of ways.

Walmart has long been the whipping boy of liberals, derided for both its sheer capitalist success and the fact that the company serves so many rural Americans.

In short: Walmart is an effete liberal’s nightmare.

The company that the worst people in America love to hate just did a couple of things that prove them wrong.

In this most dire of economic times, when so many Americans are worried about their jobs, Walmart announced that it would be hiring 150,000 people to handle the coronavirus panic buying.

In the same announcement, the company said it would pay out almost $550 million in bonuses to hourly employees.

The Big Bad Capitalist Behemoth that has long been derided for making too much money now has the money to help people in a time of true crisis.

There is a lesson to be learned here, but we know that the people who need to learn it won’t. Just yet, anyway.

This may be the tipping point.

Before anyone gets too crazy in the comments, let me say I don’t really believe that. I’m just saying that if it ever were going to happen, this would be the thing that does it.

But it won’t.

God Save the Truckers

Megan wrote here about Pennsylvania shutting down rest areas where truckers stop and sleep, which is an awful precedent. Grocery chains throughout America have assured us that the supply chain is solid, even during THE PANIC. That supply chain breaks down completely if we begin disrupting the trucking industry. If there ever were a need for emergency funding, whatever it takes to keep truckers on the road should be it.

The World Is Not Always An Awful Place 

Commenter(s) of the Week

As promised, here are some comments that I wanted to champion. It just happened that there were a few in a row that I liked yesterday. I appreciate all of your input, dear readers, and I look forward to celebrating you each week.

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