The Morning Briefing: The Stimulation Will Soon Be Upon Us, Or Something

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The Check Is in the Mail 

Another day, another round of bad, coronavirus-related economic news. On the same day that the nation’s last large theater chain decided to shutter things for a while, America’s Big Three automakers announced that they would be doing the same. That’s a lot of people out of work in just 48 hours, and we certainly haven’t reached the end of it yet.

On Wednesday, President Trump signed a $100 billion aid package into law that will expand emergency paid leave for workers affected by the madness.

The bigger stuff is on the way, however. As the uncertainty over just how long businesses will be closed and the anxiety of American workers heightens, the Trump administration is working on a whopper of a bailout/stimulus deal, which Rick wrote about here:

The White House is considering sending a $2,000 check to tens of millions of Americans and giving $300 billion to small businesses alone as a bailout bill costing more than a trillion dollars takes shape.

The stimulus bill assumes several months of shuttered businesses, little domestic travel, and massive layoffs during the COVID-19 crisis.

And it may get even worse. The president has been considering a nationwide “shelter-in-place” order, where economic activity would virtually cease.

These are truly frightening times, obviously. As I’ve written before, I am very grateful to have work right now, and that it is the kind of work that probably won’t be imperiled by the present situation. Who knows, however? Maybe the internet will shut down. I can’t rule out anything at this point.

While I am fortunate that I don’t really need any help from the government right now, I’m not without feeling for the people who truly do, despite my ideological misgivings about such federal intervention. While I’ve been watching all of this play out in recent days, what I keep wondering is what $1000 or $2000 is going to do for people who may be out of work for months. Sure, any extra money is nice, but a grand isn’t going to last long in Los Angeles, where that much money basically covers a week’s worth of sandwiches.

I’m sure that to the wealthy types who run Washington, they think that $1000 for each of the poors in the hinterlands is the grandest of gestures, largely because none of the politicos understand the real value of money.

I mean, if we don’t know how long any of this is going to last and we’re just going to be playing with Monopoly money, why not go bigger and give everyone $5000? $10,000?

Hopefully, the people who need relief will get some soon. An even greater hope is that they will get that relief by returning to work sooner rather than later.

Go Back to Drawing Class

OK, this actually happened on Twitter yesterday and don’t blame me for sharing it. We could all use a touch of the ridiculous during these maddening days.

About the Troll Situation

After careful consideration, as well as some much-appreciated input by some of you, I’m not going ahead with the plan I put forth yesterday. Instead, at the suggestion of one reader, I am going to highlight a positive comment or two each Friday. Let the haters hate, we’ve got better things to do. Most of the commenters here are fun, let’s celebrate that. Honestly, I never read comments on my posts before doing the Briefing. There will always be whiners and haters but, as I told of a couple of them yesterday, the readership here is growing every month so it’s becoming a bigger party all the time.

I just want to pay attention to the party people.

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The Kruiser Kabana

Rickles comes out of the gate offending everyone here. I warned you.


The same stores that are out of toilet paper are also out of beans, which seems like strange planning.


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