The Morning Briefing: Joe Biden Is a Cry for Help

The Morning Briefing: Joe Biden Is a Cry for Help
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He’s Creepy, Gropey, and Dopey 

There was a time when many on the Right and the Left found Joe Biden’s antics charming and amusing. He would do something disturbingly weird like grope a biker chick and everyone would just gloss over the fact that he was one heartbeat away from the presidency and just say, “Well, that’s just Joe.”

I was never one of those people. I’ve always thought that his odd behavior was disturbing, not charming. He’s a skeevy creep who shouldn’t be left alone in charge of a goldfish, let alone the most powerful nation on Earth.

During this presidential campaign he has gotten progressively (pun intended) more bizarre. At his best, Biden hemorrhages odd syntax, nonsequiturs, and virtually nothing that indicates he made it past the third grade. On Sunday, Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep had perhaps his weirdest word-barf yet, calling a woman at a campaign event a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier.”

This guy doesn’t need any more public campaign events, he needs a sedative and a full-time nurse.

Remember, Biden was supposed to be the safe, sane option for the Democrats in this election.

Many have expressed concern that perhaps Biden is slipping into age-related dementia. He’s always been like this, however. He’s the guy who dropped an f-bomb on a hot mic while standing next to the president. He has the impulse-control of an ADHD-riddled 14-year-old boy.

Every off-script moment of Biden’s now is a loud cry for help. Put the man out of our collective misery and run him out of this primary race ahead of schedule.

At this point, serious questions have to be asked about his loved ones. Are they not embarrassed and concerned enough to talk him into leaving the race? Who lets someone they care about continually make a fool of himself in front of the entire country? Is his wife so power-hungry that she’s willing to let her husband be a punchline just so she can order some White House china?

Here is the “dog-faced pony soldier” video:

Meanwhile, in the “How’s That Working Out, Democrats?” Dept.


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Reduct This

The Kruiser Kabana

On Saturday I wrote about the passing of comedy legend Orson Bean (who was also the late Andrew Breitbart’s father-in-law). Here’s an interview from the old PJTV days that our friend and former colleague did with Bean. Hat tip to Managing Editor Paula Bolyard for finding this.

This feels like a good week to lower expectations.


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