Unity Watch: As Trump Leaves Office the Left Shows Us They're Miserable, Even in Victory

Unity Watch: As Trump Leaves Office the Left Shows Us They're Miserable, Even in Victory
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President Trump left the White House this morning ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration. Watching Marine One lift off might have made you feel a little melancholy, nervous, or even scared. These feelings are understandable given the events of the last few weeks and the incoming administration’s stated policies. But take heart. The left is showing us who they are, and it is a distinct advantage to us.

One of President Trump’s most amazing skills was building a high-end condo where he lives rent-free in the left’s heads. Whether they are in the corporate media or other cultural institutions, these people are making it clear that the lease is not up. Their team just won an election and now controls Congress and the White House. Yet they are still miserable and seeing President Trump in their fever dreams.

Yesterday, actress Debra Messing was having the vapors over a despicable video made by author Don Winslow. She is convinced that an army of white supremacists will rise in the country and attempt to overthrow the government. The notion that there are millions of white identitarians in the country that didn’t seem to exist four years ago seems rather far-fetched. Not even the Southern Poverty Law Center believes that.

Yet, here is Messing assuring us she will be looking for racist bogeymen around every corner and acting like a deranged version of Senator Joe McCarthy. Not a good look, and there is not an ounce of truth in Winslow’s histrionic theatrics:

She sounds like a hysterical ninny. President Trump was a greater friend to Israel than any president in recent memory and amassed what political consultant and author Brad Todd referred to as a multi-racial coalition with a working-class ethos in the 2020 election. He was also the first president to assume office supporting gay marriage and he appointed the first openly gay member of the Cabinet, Acting DNI Richard Grenell. His economic policies resulted in the lowest minority unemployment in decades. His supporters of all races and religions know all of this and voted for him again.

It’s becoming evident that the left is made up of miserable, angry people, even when they win. Instead of being hopeful about the future they have voted for, they seem to have no ability to be happy or satisfied. They remain focused on the past and President Trump’s supporters. Here is the Justice correspondent for The Nation:

Most Americans don’t view their fellow citizens as enemies, even when they disagree. On Friday nights, I sit at a bar with open Biden voters. We talk, laugh, and celebrate each other’s life events. People outside liberal bubbles encounter people who may vote or think differently at work, in church, and in any number of different places. There is an old saying about flies and honey, but Mystal is so focused on his Trump Derangement Syndrome that he wants to hunt thought-criminals.

Leah Greenberg, co-executive director of Indivisible, a progressive grassroots activist organization, had another idea. Apparently, she thinks a lot of people would donate to an organization dedicated to harassing people who worked for the last administration. I suggest she give it a try. The longer she spends looking back at the previous four years rather than ahead, the better it is for us.

While President Trump stomps around in these miserable people’s heads, we can focus on the future. While they try to convince Americans they are in a race war, we will be talking to working- and middle-class families about how their progressive policies hurt average Americans. We can reach out to decent liberals who believe in our founding and believe the bonds that hold us together as a country are more substantial than anything trying to tear us apart.  And agree where we can and engage in an honest debate where we can’t.

And we have a secret weapon—President Trump’s impressive list of accomplishments. While the media will never cover them or give him any credit, we can remind our friends and neighbors how bright the future looked pre-pandemic. Then assure them we can get there again with a set of policies that put the security and prosperity of hard-working American families first. Happy warriors with a hopeful message always win.

And if you need a reminder, here is President Trump touting the accomplishments of his administration. His supporters should be proud they elected a leader who kept his promises, and whose guiding policy principles allow us to offer others a promising future by joining our movement.

WATCH President Trump’s farewell address:

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