The Left Is Willfully Blind to Transgender Attacks on Kids

The Left Is Willfully Blind to Transgender Attacks on Kids
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The left knew full well they could “woke” their way into letting dudes in dresses use ladies’ rooms (and attack women and girls in those restrooms) because they saw something very similar happen in England.

You may not have heard of England’s Muslim grooming gangs, but here is the dirt: Brit cops turned a blind eye toward Pakistani Muslim men raping mostly English girls between the mid-’90s and the late 2000s because — ready? — they thought that arresting them would be “racist.”

As PJ Media’s own Robert Spencer wrote, there may be close to one million victims. When word of the Muslim rape packs finally got out, the British referred to them as “Asian grooming gangs.”

What have we learned? People in positions of power (including law enforcement, which I’ll talk more about soon) will allow women and girls, some as young as nine years old, to be gang-raped repeatedly rather than help them, because that might appear to be “racist” or, in the case of trans people, “trans-phobic” or ” bigoted.”

With that history in mind, the left knew they could “woke” the nation into allowing mentally disturbed dudes in dresses into the ladies’ rooms. They also knew that, if something did happen — which it has, again and again and again — the lefty news outlets would deny it was happening, and lefty law enforcement would do their part as well.

Let’s start off a retrospective of the denial with Time Magazine in 2016:

From North Carolina to South Dakota, supporters of controversial bills seeking to limit transgender people’s use of public restrooms have repeatedly made that argument. There is little hard evidence to back up this assertion, but LGBT advocates and other opponents of the bills have had to develop a number of counter-arguments to refute it.

The cucks at Media Matters and their “15 Experts in 12 states” also assured us back in 2014 that nothing bad could possibly happen to women and girls if we let men in pigtails into the ladies’ rooms.

Experts in 12 states — including law enforcement officials, government employees, and advocates for victims of sexual assault — have debunked the right-wing myth that sexual predators will exploit transgender non-discrimination laws to sneak into women’s restrooms, calling the myth baseless and “beyond specious.”

The Boston Globe shared a study by the Williams Insititute, a pro-trans “think” tank, that ignored the transgender sex assaults you are about to read about.

A first-of-its-kind study being released Wednesday refutes the premise that the state’s transgender antidiscrimination law threatens public safety, finding no relation between public transgender bathroom access and crimes that occur in bathrooms.

The Bangor Daily News was also happy to pretend there were no sexual assaults.

So there we have it — a bunch of lefties telling us there is no harm in letting a crazy man in a pencil skirt empty his bladder next to women and girls.

Now for the reality.

  • In 2009, before any of the lib articles I cited denied this was possible, a man donned a wig and fake breasts so that he could “loiter” in a store’s ladies’ room. The man had been previously arrested for child molestation and indecent exposure.
  • This serial peeper dressed as a woman and walked into numerous women’s restrooms, where he took pics and videos.
  • Antifa literally rioted for the rights of this trans pedo to be naked next to young girls in a spa.
  • This “chick with a d***” entered a women’s shelter and sexually assaulted several ladies.
  • The chain store Target came out loud and proud for the right of a man in a skirt to use the ladies’ room, resulting in numerous crimes including this trans dude taking pics of women changing their clothes.
  • This Indiana genius sexually assaulted a woman in the ladies’ room. When police responded, he was on a store computer looking up transgender bathroom laws.
  •  Another wig and another pair of fake breasts: this trans creeper was caught with hours of footage of women using the restroom.
  • STUNNING: this trans dude followed a teen boy into a men’s room to sexually assault him.
  • This trans guy sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl when he was 17. Now he is a “she” and is 26 years old, but L.A.’s commie DA, George Gascon, decided to punish him as a minor.

FACT-O-RAMA! Obama forced public schools to allow students to use the restroom of their “chosen” gender. Today, schools are re-thinking this moronic decision.

  • This transgender miscreant raped a four-year-old girl and distributed videos of the assault.
  • This beast raped a 10-year-old girl.
  • Loudon County, Va. school officials shielded a trans rapist from punishment and sent him to another school, where he sexually assaulted another teen girl. Students walked out of class in protest of this atrocity.

FACT-O-RAMA! The Loudoun County school clowns who refused to punish a trans rapist threatened to arrest students who didn’t wear masks.

This is only a partial list of assaults. Many of these stories go back to 2016, when the aforementioned lefty rags told us this sort of thing wasn’t happening.

Know what I couldn’t find? A dude in a dress getting attacked in a men’s room.

England didn’t learn from their Muslim gang-rape fiasco and now has a trans rape problem, including one pig who has a thing for dogs.

The English paper The Sun actually ran this headline: “CLOSE SHAVE Trans woman who sued beauticians for refusing to wax her scrotum loses human rights lawsuit.”

“‘Her’ scrotum”? Really, England?

Our nation’s tiny trans crowd enjoys a great deal of coddling and attention, both of which they are hungry for, yet they play the victim every chance they get.

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Trans people have the right to exist, wear a dress, and go from Carl to Carla. No one cares. Have at it, life is short. People have even been fined and/or fired for not using a mentally ill person’s “preferred pronouns.” The trans people have been given everything they’ve whined about, but they believe they are entitled to a mile, not an inch. They can never have enough.

The only thing transgender people don’t get in this country is what they need most: effective mental health assistance.

FACT-O-RAMA! No less than 51% of transgender people will attempt suicide.

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Despite trans people posturing as crime victims, transgender-related assaults only make up 2.7% of bias crimes. Very few trans people are actually murdered every year, with only 32 in 2020, and we don’t know how many of those were killed for “being trans.” One was a prostitute killed by another prostitute in a fight over a wig.

Political correctness is mind-boggling. I’ll never understand why so many people bend to the will of a tiny group of pink-haired dime museums screaming that they are being “genocided.” We’ve already seen what happened in England; we can’t allow women and girls to be sexually assaulted because a man in pumps believes his rights are being violated if we don’t.

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