Daily Dose of Downey: Deep Diving the Facts and Fiction of Anti-Trans Murders

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How was your weekend? I spent mine researching every trans person killed in 2020. That’s not what I expected to specialize in, but here we are.

Got Your Momma in a Whirl

The LGBT community believes transgendered people are being “hunted” in the United States. That just isn’t true. Yes, last year saw more trans people “killed” than any other year, but murders are way up across the board. Also, some of those trans people included in the count weren’t murdered, and most weren’t murdered for being trans. Most of the murder cases showed no trans bias at all.

Fact-O-Rama! Gender bias crimes only make up 2.7% of all hate crimes.

A total of 45 transgendered people were “killed” last year, and that number includes six in Puerto Rico. ( stated 44 were “killed violently,” but they missed one. Weird how an evil, straight, white conservative man like me got it right, right?) It also includes 2 transgendered people killed by cops for brandishing knives, one of whom had just stabbed a man to death. It includes 1 person who OD’ed and one who died but was not considered a homicide. It includes a person who was killed when a black man plowed a car into a bunch of protesters in Seattle and one of them happened to be transgendered. It includes a trans prostitute killed by another trans prostitute over a wig. Another was killed by a jealous husband on meth. One OD’ed in jail after hitting another inmate with a brick. Another one was killed in a Puerto Rican prison, with little info reported. I won’t count those in the following data because they were clearly not bias crimes, and I will include a separate set of data for Puerto Rico. That leaves us 32 alleged trans-bias homicides in the 50 states.

Let’s look at some myths about anti-trans murders.

 MYTH 1: Trans Murders Are Exploding

There were 26 trans people killed in 2019 (unless there are some that can be weeded out as suicides, OD’s, etc.) and, as mentioned, 32 trans murders in 2020. Fox News reported a nationwide overall 30% increase in murders for 2020. Twenty-six trans murders plus 30% is 33.8 murders, just over the 32 alleged trans-bias murders, which means trans murders didn’t rise as much as the overall murder rate.

One of those killed was a cab driver and several were hookers, people we see getting killed fairly frequently. Were they killed for being trans or because of their profession? We can’t say for sure so I included them in the stats.

MYTH 2: Trump Inspires Anti-Trans Violence

Of the 32 remaining murders 16, of the trans people were killed by black men, usually alone but several killers had help. Three were killed by Hispanic males and one was murdered by a Muslim friend. One was killed by a trans hooker over a wig, but there was no report of the killer’s race. There are witnesses to the stabbing of the trans hooker “Lexi” over a blonde wig. Lexi was killed in Harlem. We know it’s a blonde wig, but oddly there is no description of the killer. If NYC wanted to stop anti-trans violence, why not release that description? Aww, you know why. Also, it’s better to blame Trump. From Lexi’s memorial page on Human Rights Campaign (HRC):

“HRC will continue to hold the Trump-Pence administration and all elected officials who fuel the flames of hate accountable at the ballot box.”

Weird considering there are no white murder suspects on this list except for the wife of a black man who helped to rob non-gender-conforming Scott Devore. Her husband was charged with murder, but she was not. If Trump is inspiring anti-trans violence, why weren’t any white men in MAGA hats arrested?

MYTH: Police Don’t Investigate Trans Murders

The murder clearance rate (murders solved) across the U.S. in 2019 was 61.4%. The city of Chicago solves 44.5% of all murders. U.S. police solved 62.5% of the 32 murders we are looking at. Again this doesn’t count the Brazilian man who murdered his trans wife, or the trans people killed by cops, OD’s, etc., otherwise the clearance rate is even higher.


Of the murders that were not solved, one involved a mass-stabbing at soup kitchen. A homeless man stabbed five people, including a white, non-gender-specific man. No sign of bias.

One involved a white trans person who was killed outside a recovery clinic in a Baltimore neighborhood that is 87% black. No suspects and no motive.

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One black trans person was killed in a fight at a Portland vigil for a black man, but no witnesses wanted to cooperate with the police.

Angel Haynes, a black trans person, was killed in a motel in a Memphis neighborhood that is 94.12% black. No suspects.

Courtney “Eshay” Key, a black trans person, was killed in a Chicago neighborhood that is 96.9% black over Christmas when 60 people were shot, 11 fatally. No suspects. Was bias a motive in any of these murders? Police don’t have a clue. Neither do the militant pro-trans people.

Other Motives

Merci Mack was shot to death by an acquaintance after threatening to post a video of the two of them together. No reports on what they were doing in the video. Bow-chica-bow-wow…

Some were robbed and killed.

Some of the people were definitely killed for being trans. Selena Reyes-Hernandez, 37, brought 18-year-old Orlando Perez to a Chicago basement and told him he was trans. Orlando left, returned, and shot Selene to death. He was so angry that he returned a few hours later to shoot Hernandez again. One trans person was murdered for wearing a dress.

Political Hand Grenade for the Left

Kamala Harris and Gropey Joe Biden piped up after a black transgender was killed, as did actress Kerry Washington. None of them mentioned that the “pandemic” of murdered black trans people is the fault of black men. How badly do they want the scourge to end? Not bad enough to point out the black elephant in the room.

The Human Rights Campaign lays the blame of anti-black trans violence on “the intersections of racism, transphobia, sexism, biphobia and homophobia.” No, it’s mostly black guys. I JUST did the research.

At least one black woman gets it.  Speaking on the death of her murdered trans friend, she said, “She was in a black neighborhood and they don’t like ‘those people.’”

Puerto Rico

Six trans people were killed in Puerto Rico last year. Two were shot after telling their new sexual conquests that they were trans. One was killed for using a men’s restroom at McDonald’s. One was killed in prison. There was too little info released about the remaining two to even think about a motive.

The Truth Hurts

The Washington Times reported that the trans murder rate is 1.48 per 100,000. This is less than a third of the overall murder rate of about 5 per 100,000, far less than the rate for men in general (6.68), and a mere fraction of the rate for black people (18.8). Also, most of the killings aren’t hate-related. The truth hurts the narrative so much that Andy Ngo was kicked off of Twitter for reporting it. The most inconvenient truth of them all: Black men are killing transgendered people and the left is afraid to tell them to stop.

FILE - In this Thursday, March 24, 2016 file photo, Duke student Sydney Roberts shouts during a protest against House Bill 2, outside of the Governor's Mansion in downtown Raleigh, N.C.