Five New Year's Resolutions Every Conservative Should Embrace

Five New Year's Resolutions Every Conservative Should Embrace
Tina Fineberg

It’s almost 2022. This year started off with a one-two punch to the kidney. Rush Limbaugh passed away, and the Democrats were allowed to steal a presidential election.


But 2021 is ending on several high notes. The November elections were a huge kick in the non-binary reproductive organs of the leftists. The jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse case showed us that Antifa and BLM can no longer attack us without fear of being perforated by your Second Amendment-protected assault semi-auto rifle. Fake news CNN has a very real problem with pedophiles. The Hollywood apparatchiks who defended Jussie Smollett look like a bunch of jackpuddings.

The Wu-flu is over. Democrats won’t accept that because they are power-starved miscreants and they won’t relinquish all the control they have. Not to mention they are REALLY good at stealing elections via mail-in voting. They will cheat. Commies don’t care about democracy and they don’t care about your rights. They want you dead.

We have to keep the victories flowing in our direction. We can no longer assume that the “good guys” will win. There is everything to lose. So here are a few New Year’s resolutions we all need to embrace.

1. Don’t Forgive, Don’t Forget.

Conservatives are held to, and hold ourselves to, a higher standard. It’s in our nature to forgive and forget. Don’t. The Democrats gutted our economy, banned us from working, and kept us from seeing our families. They fired our heroic first responders and banned the non-vaxxed from restaurants, gyms, and bars in our largest cities. They turned the FBI into the KGB and sent them after parents who actually care what their kids are learning. They allowed BLM and the sitzpinklers of Antifa to burn cities when they felt like it. Leftist politicians and their media lapdogs ran cover for creatures like this:


(This charming devil is one of the few to see the inside of a prison.)

Democrats emptied the jails and changed bail laws, resulting in the largest jump in murders in decades. None of this was an accident. It’s all out of the commie playbook (yeah, I know I go off on the commies a lot, but it’s true. The great commie push to take over the country from within is on).

Democrats gutted our country. We can’t let that go. They need to be voted out of every office and every school board. Trust me when I tell you that they will do worse things to you if and when they can. Firing first responders was just the beginning. Wait until your 12-year-old son comes home and says, “My teacher told me I’m trans now. STOP DEAD-NAMING ME; call me COLETTE!”

2. Get Involved.

You don’t have to run for the Senate (though you should consider it), but we can’t sit on our hands anymore. The left is counting on that. Don’t wait for a trans rapist to assault YOUR daughter. Go to a school board meeting. Push back. Ask questions and demand answers. The left has seen caring parents get commie teachers fired. They are afraid of you. They want to indoctrinate your kids. Don’t let them.


3. Buy Ammo.

Just in case none of my other suggestions work and the commies actually take over.

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4. Be a Tipping Point.

I wear a MAGA hat, shirt, or hoodie everywhere I go, just so other conservatives know they aren’t alone. People always give me a thumbs up. I got the idea after seeing three houses in my neighborhood covered with Trump flags. I honk as I drive past those houses. They gave me hope, and so now I pass it on. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I’ll get a sneer from a libtard. Then I offer to let them wear the hat and tell them it will make them smarter. Remarkably, I haven’t been punched yet.

5. Resist China Flu Mandates.

This one is important. The pinkos are using the Wu-flu to tell us where we can and cannot go. Today it’s “just” the gym, bars, and restaurants (except for the cops, firemen, soldiers, and healthcare workers who were fired). Your job might be next.

Remember when stores put social distancing stickers on the floors and directional arrow signs in the aisles? They told us WHERE TO STAND and we did it. Then we found it it was all for nothing. (You DID hear that news, right? Or did the media hide that too?)

Scientists at Oxford and MIT realized the six-foot rule was outdated (YAY) but then decided to come up with a traffic light system for their students to walk around (BOO). They replaced one dose of idiocy with another.


My friend’s lefty boss made all the unvaxxed employees work from home. Nine days later, almost everyone in the office (fully vaxxed) came down with COVID (HILARIOUS). Whether the boss knows it or not, he is a tyrant. This is in a company of 50 people. Imagine what the tyrants in Washington can do if we let them. Tyrants take power; they never return it.

If you’re in New York, there is a protest on Jan. 5 in Albany. No mandates, no vaccine databases. Basically, no commie nonsense. Remember, whether it’s micro-beers or mandates, these things start in New York and have a tendency to move to the rest of the country. Act now before New York comes to YOU!

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