Party of Criminals and Hypocrites: Mark Levin Calls Out Democrats Targeting Trump

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Conservative radio host Mark Levin slammed “the cabal [of Democrats] trying to imprison Trump,” highlighting how many prominent Democrats have been charged with serious crimes — or denied the legitimacy of an election.


Donald Trump has been indicted four times. The latest indictment, from Georgia, charges Trump and 18 others with alleged crimes for challenging officially announced 2020 election results. Questioning the legitimacy of an election has never been a crime in America before, and it certainly wasn’t in 2016 when the Democrats had hysterical breakdowns, demanding that Trump’s win be overturned in favor of Hillary Clinton. Then there’s the fact that Joe Biden illicitly stored classified documents (including in his garage) and has faced no consequences, even while Trump was indicted for supposed crimes related to documents he as president had the power to declassify.

With more and more evidence coming out on the shady and apparently highly illegal activities of Joe Biden and his son Hunter, the Democrats just keep piling indictments on Trump. Coincidence?

Levin posted his list on X (formerly Twitter) Monday:

Hunter Biden should be in prison, Joe Biden should be in prison, Hillary Clinton should be in prisonJack Smith should’ve been disbarred for his past unethical (and worse) abuses of prosecutorial power.  Eric Holder was never held to account for arming the Mexican drug cartels.  James Comey was never held to account for his efforts to sabotage the incoming Trump administration.  Nancy Pelosi attempted multiple coups against Trump, including two phony impeachments and the January 6 Stalinist committee.

But the Democrat hypocrisy doesn’t stop there. Levin noted that Democrats were vociferous in their calls to overturn a presidential election in favor of their candidate just a few short years ago. Where was the horror at “election denial” and the death of democracy then?


In 2016, congressional Democrats objected to counting all the electors on the House floor in an attempt to overturn the presidential election and install Hillary.  The corrupt Democrat Party-media assisted these thugs every step of the way (Russia collusion and all the rest).

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Finally, Levin called out District Attorneys overseeing two of Trump’s indictments, namely Soros-tied Alvin Bragg (N.Y.) and Fani Willis (Ga.).

The DA in Manhattan is a lapdog for George Soros.  The DA in Fulton County, GA, whose father was part of the violent Black Panther movement, is a Democrat hack.  And these are but a few of the ruling-class thugs who make up the cabal trying to imprison Trump.

As Levin’s tweet highlighted, the Democrats aren’t going after Trump because he is a dangerous criminal — they themselves continually practice and cover up crime and corruption. Democrats are going after their primary Republican presidential opponent before the 2024 election.


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