MAGA Is Feeling the Heat From Weaponized Biden Government

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Is the federal government under the Biden administration attempting to criminalize support for Donald Trump, particularly agreement with his allegations of election fraud, going into the 2024 election? It certainly seems that way, as yet another indictment looms for Trump and his supporters and advisors continue to be targeted.

From the Jan. 6 prisoners to campaign advisors to Trump’s 2020 alternate electors, MAGA is feeling the heat from the weaponized Biden government. And, whether or not you support or like Trump, that partisan election interference should worry you big league.

Trump said he received a letter Sunday with a demand from Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith that he appear before a grand jury within four days, relating to the events of Jan. 6, 2021. This would be the latest in a series of indictments, with two other indictments slammed as political hit jobs by some Republican experts. This comes soon after PJ Media ran a series of exclusives exposing Smith’s previous prosecutorial misconduct, a pattern that is again emerging in Trump’s case.

Just the News reported July 18 that “Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel on Tuesday charged 16 Republicans with felony election charges in relation to their claims to be the legitimate electors of the Wolverine State during the 2020 presidential contest.” Trump’s alternate 2020 electors, during the then-debate over election fraud, are now facing potential jail time. Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast indicated Wednesday morning that 2020 Trump alternate electors from Arizona and Georgia will also possibly face felony charges (despite the fact Democrats have themselves presented alternate electors before).

Meanwhile, also on July 18, The Post Millennial cited the New York Times to report that feds had seized phones from two Trump advisors. They were Boris Epshteyn, “an in-house counsel who helps coordinate Mr. Trump’s legal efforts,” and campaign strategist Mike Roman. Roman was also previously Trump’s 2020 campaign director of Election Day operations, according to The Post Millennial. So here again we see the federal government under Biden attacking Trump’s employees, with a specific election angle.

Of course, this isn’t a new development. Most of the  Jan. 6 political prisoners were peaceful and certainly caused no large-scale, long-term destruction. The only people who died on Jan. 6 were Trump supporters killed by Capitol police. At least one of those sentenced to years in jail never even entered the Capitol. Yet these prisoners have endured years of shocking abuse and maltreatment, to the point where some begged for transfer to Guantanamo, as they were being treated worse than terrorists! Meanwhile, the violent leftists who carried out “transurrections” in state capitols recently or the Antifa and BLM protestors who burned and pillaged cities in 2020 got off largely scot-free.

We all know why the Jan. 6 political prisoners have been the target of an avalanche of media and government ire for more than two years now: they supported Trump, and expressed that support a little over-zealously. That’s why they’re locked in jail and denied rights and basic necessities, while Antifa thugs roam free. The FBI had resources to spy on traditional Catholics, but didn’t track Antifa rioters. It’s all a matter of politics.

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The DOJ and FBI have become increasingly politically weaponized under Joe Biden, to the point where FBI whistleblower Steve Friend told PJ Media, “In recent years, the FBI and DOJ’s dishonest tactics are their calling card,” as they “willingly operate outside the boundaries of policy and law to achieve [their] ends.” We have seen that perhaps most clearly in the ongoing witch hunt against Donald Trump and his allies.

As noted above, this is a disturbing state of affairs regardless of whether or not you support Trump. The federal government should not be running a vicious attack campaign against the current president’s top political opponent, period. It’s Trump now, but eventually it will be every political candidate and citizen who doesn’t openly support radical leftism, if the current trajectory continues.

The Biden administration is not only seemingly criminalizing support for Trump, it’s attempting to influence and perhaps alter the next presidential election. These are banana-republic tactics, happening right here in the United States of America.


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