China Boasts About 'Thriving' Economy as Mass Protests, Police Violence Fill Streets

AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) state propaganda outlet Xinhua News published a Nov. 27 article boasting about how China has a “thriving” economy because it is “opening up” and has an “optimized business” environment.  Except that mass anti-regime protests against draconian lockdowns and inhumane working conditions are filling China’s streets, leading to multiple reports of CCP police violence.  China’s economy is apparently more fragile than the CCP would like to admit.


The article, “Chinese economy thriving with wider opening-up over past decade,” claimed: “China’s stable economic performance, unwavering opening-up policy, optimized business environment and stronger protection of the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors a[re] key factors behind its strong appeal.”  Meanwhile workers from companies like Apple iPhone manufacturer Foxconn are rioting to protest what the Wall Street Journal previously described as “harsh conditions.”

This isn’t the first time state-run Xinhua has published blatant hypocrisy during a crisis, however. In April, as millions in Shanghai starved to death, were arrested and beaten, or were imprisoned in “quarantine camps” during draconian COVID-19 lockdowns, Xinhua posted a video of a Russian expert praising China’s horrific “zero-COVID” policies as a “generally positive experience that the world has.”  Obviously the “expert” and Xinhua did not consult the Chinese people.


“After crossing the 100-trillion-yuan threshold in 2020, China’s gross domestic product (GDP) further expanded to over 114 trillion yuan last year, contributing over 30 percent to world economic growth,” Xinhua reported. It also boasted, “China has now become a major trading partner for more than 140 countries and regions, with its trade in goods and services totaling 6.9 trillion U.S. dollars in 2021 and securing the top position globally for two consecutive years.”  The average salary in urban China in 2021 was 106,800 yuan, according to Statista, or a little under $15,000. In contrast, the average annual salary in the U.S. in 2021, based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, was $55,640.  The CCP never mentions that its touted prosperity doesn’t seem to help the average worker.  That’s probably why the workers are rioting.

The Xinhua article also claimed China’s “free-trade” and “law-based approach” were key to its economic growth.  But that “free-trade” method does not include decent conditions for workers.  For instance, during the tyrannical COVID-19 lockdowns in Shanghai, Observer reported that Tesla workers were being forced to work six days a week and sleep on factory floors to comply with COVID restrictions.


Fox News reported that there is footage and reports of arrests and violent clashes between CCP police and protestors. I wonder if that’s on the “shorter negative list for foreign investment” that Xinhua mentioned.

There is evidence that the CCP is building more mass “concentration camps.” Given how that turned into genocide in Xinjiang, one wonders if the CCP, the greatest mass murderer of all time, is planning to use those camps to imprison the protestors daring to stand up against its tyrannical regime.


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