3 States Launch Climate Alliance to Abide by Terms of Paris Accord

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks at the opening of the first span of the new Kosciuszko Bridge on April 27, 2017. (Rex Features via AP Images)

Soon after President Trump’s announcement today that the United States would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, three states announced a climate coalition to abide by and build upon the original 2016 deal.


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, California Gov. Jerry Brown and Washington State Governor Jay Inslee — whose states collectively account for more than a fifth of the country’s GDP and nearly a fifth of U.S. population — call their new coalition the United States Climate Alliance, and urged other states to join them.

“The White House’s reckless decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement has devastating repercussions not only for the United States, but for our planet. This administration is abdicating its leadership and taking a backseat to other countries in the global fight against climate change,” Cuomo said in a statement.

“New York State is committed to meeting the standards set forth in the Paris Accord regardless of Washington’s irresponsible actions,” he added. “We will not ignore the science and reality of climate change, which is why I am also signing an executive order confirming New York’s leadership role in protecting our citizens, our environment, and our planet.”

Brown said he doesn’t “believe fighting reality is a good strategy – not for America, not for anybody.”

“If the president is going to be AWOL in this profoundly important human endeavor, then California and other states will step up,” he declared.

Inslee said the “full responsibility” of battling climate change in the U.S. is now up to states and cities.


“While the president’s actions are a shameful rebuke to the work needed to protect our planet for our children and grandchildren, states have been and will continue to step up,” he added.

French President Emmanuel Macron, in an English-language speech, invited “all scientists, engineers, engineers, entrepreneurs, responsible citizens who were disappointed by the decision of the United States” to come “find in France a second homeland.”

“I call on them: Come and work here with us — to work together on concrete solutions for our climate, our environment. I can assure you, France will not give up the fight,” Macron said.

The French president wrapped up with his twist on Trump’s slogan.

“Because we are fully committed, because wherever we live, whoever we are, we all share the same responsibility: Make our planet great again,” Macron said.


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