Toomey's Wife Couldn't Compare Plans Even After Entering Personal Information

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), who said he’s losing his family’s existing insurance because of Obamacare, said his “very sharp” wife still wasn’t able to get through the “fixed” healthcare website.


An early complaint about the website — and a feature that was removed shortly before the site launch — is the lack of ability to compare plans before entering personal information, but the senator said his wife still couldn’t view the plans even after that step.

“It took her information, it took her data, so she gave all our personal information, all our identifying information, and now that system, such as it is, has it,” Toomey told Fox.

“And then when she queried it for various plans that are available, it denied her. It just wouldn’t give her that. She went back later, tried again. Still couldn’t get access to that sort of menu of choices,” he continued.

“And then she called somebody and said, can you help us navigate this? And they said, well, it’s — it’s not just not working right now. Best — best to try again sometime. So, it’s still a problem… What about the people who actually think they have bought a policy? Turns out some of the information on the back end of the system might not be making it to the insurance company.”


Toomey said people are now finding “you think you have an insurance plan, the website told you you did. You go to your doctor, you go to the hospital, and you have a service, turns out insurance company don’t know who you are.”

“By the administration’s own accounting, about 90 percent of Americans already had health insurance. The number they used to use was 30 million that didn’t. Out of a country of 300 million, that’s about 10 percent,” he said. “So we have turned the entire health care delivery system of America upside-down for what they said was a 10 percent problem.”

“And, by the way, they’re making it worse. It’s based on a flawed premise. That the government should decide for you what insurance plan you will be permitted to buy is outrageous.”



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