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10 Things the MSM Can Celebrate if Obama Wins

Sometimes when I look at the PJ Media home page, when I see Roger L. Simon ripping into the Benghazi story, say, or the mighty Victor Davis Hanson unpacking the Obama record and the thought behind it, when I read Roger Kimball's Olympian insights or Stephen Green's stiletto wit, when I kick back with a column by Driscoll, McCarthy, Walsh, Ledeen, any of them, I can't help but feel a certain sense of smug satisfaction. I can't help but think, "Man oh man, is it ever fun to be one of the good guys!"

It's not just the brains and talent these characters pack — though there's simply nothing like it on the left, there really isn't — it's the fact that each and every one of them spends his writing time trying to get at the truth. They may err. They may have a bad day and miss the mark. But none of them — not one — is trying to fool anyone or suppress anything, or trying to get anyone to confuse their opinions with facts. Whether their favored candidate wins or loses on Election Day, they can sleep well, knowing they've done their jobs.

So that makes me wonder: what will it be like on November 7th for the journalists who have sacrificed their integrity to their ideology, the people I mean at the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, NBC News, ABC News, and so on, who convinced themselves that their political point of view was so right, so virtuous, so true that it was somehow okay for them to skew the facts, suppress the stories, and game the numbers as long as the distortions helped their candidate to victory. If their man loses, God help them, they've stained their professional honor beyond redemption; they've made themselves nothing, and will be left with nothing.