(R-MA)-gettin' Day?

The last time any Republican held a Senate seat in Massachusetts was over 30 years ago. And Harry Truman was president the last time the seat once held by Ted Kennedy was in Republican hands. And yet — today there is a good chance that we’ll see the letters (R-MA) on the senate roster for the first time in a very long time.


Is today (R-MA)-gettin’ day?

According to many pundits and nervous voters, the only thing that could prevent a Brown victory today is vote fraud — and lots of it. The problem with tracking vote fraud, however, is that it’s usually not one big single crime that can be prevented or exposed by diligent monitors; rather, it’s thousands of little crimes, each one of which may be easy enough to identify on its own, but when they happen one-by-one-by-one-by-one at innumerable polling places across the state, they’re nigh on impossible to stop or even document.

This is an open thread for commenters to describe any incidents of election irregularities in Massachusetts which they witnessed personally. Only by accumulating many such anecdotes and later presenting them together as a group can there be any documentation of vote fraud.

Hopefully, there will be no fraud, and this thread will get no comments. But in case it does happen, we need to start gathering evidence now.

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