Maryland School District Employee Fired for Correcting Student's Spelling


It should go without saying that a school district exists to instruct its students in matters like spelling. It therefore baffles the mind to comprehend how a district in Maryland decided to fire one of its employees. From the New York Daily News:


A social media manager for a Maryland school district was fired over a light-hearted tweet she sent to a student about his spelling.

When the student asked @FCPSMaryland over Twitter on Jan. 5 for school to be closed “tammarow,” Katie Nash, 33, replied, “but then how would you learn how to spell ‘tomorrow’? :)”

The student took Nash’s reply in stride, writing on Twitter that he didn’t take it personally, but Frederick County Public Schools terminated her contract anyway.

The story provides no indication of the district’s reasoning. Though this tweet suggests a potential reason.

Suffice it to say the broader community has come out in support of Nash. Taking the termination in stride, Nash regards the episode as an opportunity to model graceful behavior, and thus teach once more.

Now deleted from Twitter, here’s the original exchange as captured by a third party:

(Twitter: @wheelsee)

(Twitter: @wheelsee)


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