Even the MSM Can't Hide How Stupid Biden's Ceasefire Plan Is

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The Wall Street Journal headline says almost everything you need to know about Presidentish Joe Biden's increasingly desperate efforts to snuff out some of the chaos he helped unleash before it blossoms into World War III: "Biden’s Cease-Fire Plan Seeks to Push Hamas and Israel Into an Agreement Neither Wants."


"U.S. president," the subhead reads, "is more interested in a deal than the two warring parties."

The details hardly matter at this point, so allow me to briefly summarize how Biden's ceasefire looks to the two warring parties.

Biden: "I'd like it if you two would agree to a ceasefire. It would help make me look good before the election."

Hamas: "Thank you, no. We want to keep murdering Jews. In very large numbers if at all possible."

Israel: "We really can't let them keep murdering Jews."

Biden: "I understand. So how about this? Hamas agrees to stop murdering Jews for a little while and, in exchange, I'll give Hamas billions of dollars?"

Hamas and Israel: "Yeah, no."

You can read the full story here if you like, but you won't get much more out of it than I've already given you.

I'd like you to take a moment to appreciate what it is the Wall Street Journal has done here.

The nice thing about being an opinion writer is that I get to tell you just how stupid something or someone is with every archly chosen word. To see the straightlaced Wall Street Journal do it, even if somewhat slyly, atop a straight news article tells you everything you need to know about how (un)seriously even the MSM takes Biden these days.


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Some of us saw the chaos coming, of course, but perhaps none better — or at least none more succinctly — than Velina Tchakarova on then-Twitter in the spring of 2021, just a few short months into the Biden administration.

My memory doesn't usually stretch back to obscure, three-year-old tweets from semi-famous foreign policy analysts. I became aware of Tchakarova (via CDR Salamander) after Tchakarova reposted her dead-on 2021 forecast on Monday.

None of this column is meant to imply that the Mainstream Media has suddenly turned pro-Donald Trump or anti-Biden. But nearly four years of overregulation and massive (and misplaced) federal spending have taken their toll on the economy, our savings, and how far our paychecks go. But most inescapable is the fact that we went from relative peace, on our southern border and around the world, to a virtual invasion of illegal immigrants, a massive war in Ukraine, a terror invasion of Israel, and China becoming increasingly frisky with Taiwan. 


They'll prop him up, sure. They'll cover for his gaffes, stumbles, and embarrassing brain freezes. But when the time comes that the media actually has to report some news about a Biden policy, that's when the wheels start to come off, as I just showed you with today's Wall Street Journal headline. 

When the rain comes down, you can't cover an Olympic stadium full of fail with a 12-foot tarp. And on days like today, it isn't worth the effort to try.


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