Insanity Wrap #128: NBC News Hack Says MAGA Terrorists More Dangerous Than al Qaeda

(Screencap courtesy of Peacock.)

Insanity Wrap needs to know: When is 3,000 dead in an attack committed by a well-funded, international terror organization less dangerous than a one-time riot that might have been partly instigated by leftists?


Answer: Never. But you knew that.

Before we get to the sordid details, a quick preview of today’s Wrap.

  • Katie Couric wants to reprogram you
  • Antifa prepares to throw “pro-Trump” riots
  • Lefties suddenly denying that the intern-grooming Lincoln Porject founder is one of their own

And so much more.

Shall we begin?

This Is Not a Sane World, Exhibit #1,000,006

Repeat until… today.

The thing is: As horrible as the neverending attacks have been, they worked.

Trump isn’t just out tomorrow, in much of the public’s mind, he’s disgraced.

Disgrace based on lies is still disgrace.

But, having shown that a corporatist collection of party hacks, media hacks, celebrities, social media mavens and CEOs, and educators have the power not only to bring down a successful president but to fully disgrace and discredit him means we’re only going to get more of this.

The good news?

They won’t have Trump to kick around anymore, but we’ll have Joe Biden.

Insanity Wrap can barely wait because, while the Right might not enjoy all the media advantages that the Left does, we’re going to make the payback as sweet as we can manage.


Stay tuned.

It’s Good to Be the Nomenklatura

That's a Lot of Lincolns
That’s a lot of Lincolns. (Image by Mary Pahlke from Pixabay.)
Anti-Trump ‘Lincoln Project’ Funneled Over $10 Million To Its Own Founders’ Companies

Oh, my:

Launched in 2019 by a cohort of establishment, so-called “Republicans” dedicated to “defeating President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box,” the group has routinely funneled the millions it raises to its founders and advisors, Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show.

Co-founder Reed Gallen’s Summit Strategic Communications LLC raked in $6,160,664.99 in 2020, representing the highest-paid entity by The Lincoln Project.

Many more numbers at the link, most of them impressively large.

Your Daily Dose of Mostly Peaceful Protest

At this point, Insanity Wrap is just crossing our fingers, toes, and eyes that none of what Antifa seems to have planned actually happens.

That said, they’ve been in dress rehearsals for months, and have a compliant media on their side.

It’s going to get ugly, isn’t it?

The Purge Is Just Getting Going

Katie Couric: ‘How Are We Going To Deprogram the Cult of Trump?’

When one party only just barely holds both chambers of Congress and took the White House in a hotly contested (even after the fact) election, it does not behoove them to test the limits of coercion.

It ain’t so grand for the country as a whole, either.

Previously On Insanity Wrap: de Blasio Purging Trump Organization from City Contracts

The Craziest Person in the World (Today)

Good news, everyone!

Banning travel to and from Communist China or other nations is no longer racist or xenophobic or even Islamophobic as of noon on January 20, 2021.

Insanity Wrap probably doesn’t need to tell you that today’s craziest person in the world is the one who didn’t see this coming.

But did you see this one coming?

“Amuse” was clearly just having a little fun at Psaki’s expense, but the implication is clear: Biden will re-incentivize the Obama-era “caravans,” pandemic or no pandemic, and if you don’t like it…


…you’re probably a racist.

He’s Ours! No, Wait – He’s Yours!

John Weaver Not a Republican
(Screencap via YouTube.)
Right-wing Lincoln Project founder comes out, apologizes for “inappropriate” messages to men

When is a squish-Republican-turned-nasty-Democrat actually a right-winger?

When he’s been caught grooming young men for… stuff.

And Now For a Brief Moment of Sanity

Insanity Wrap must apologize, but this item was the closest thing we could find for today’s Brief Moment of Sanity.

When crazy is the new normal, this is what passes for sanity.

Here’s Another Damn Thing We’re Supposed to Be Concerned About

Mehdi Hasan says MAGA terrorists are more dangerous than Al Qaeda was (after 9/11) because they have Fox News

It isn’t often that Insanity Wrap is so taken aback by absurdity that we have no words.

The absurd is our beat, after all.

Yet here we are: Speechless.

The only thing we wanted to say to NBC News spokesmodel Mehdi Hasan is the one thing we won’t say on this (mostly) family-friendly blog.

But if you’re so inclined, you can read the words we wanted to say by clicking on this link.

One More Thing…

Insanity Wrap Presents the Phone Company
(Seen on MeWe.)

“The phone company…”

Now there’s a phrase that makes us feel even older than we did a couple of weeks ago when we gave our eldest his first driving lesson.

That’s a Wrap for today.

Come back tomorrow for another Insanity Wrap…

…assuming we make it that long.

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