Biden Campaign Missing Only 2 Exciting Things: A Direction and a Candidate

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Is Hidin’ Joe Biden the 1994 Crime Bill guy, or the #BLM and antifa guy?

The former veep and alleged Democratic presidential nominee might be up in the polls, but his campaign is being pulled in two impossible directions with a rudderless candidate stuck in the middle with little to do.


It isn’t easy to feel sympathy for someone like Biden, who has somehow grown rich without ever producing a good or service in the private sector.

The man who used his public “service” to enrich his talentless and ethically challenged son.

The man who can’t seem to keep his hands and nose off women who are not his wife, regardless of age or obvious discomfort.

The man who lies so casually and without consequence about his record and his life.

The man who turned his first wife’s tragic auto-accident death into a catapult for his own career, while publicly accusing the innocent driver of the other car of being drunk at the time.

You know, the guy currently getting a pass from the race-obsessed Democrat-Media Complex for his past protection of segregated private schools.

Black lives matter, I guess, but only until they try to get into the “right” schools.

But for the sake of fairness, we’re going to try to generate some sympathy for Biden, anyway — the creep.

We’ll fail, sure. But sometimes the glory is in the effort.

Biden’s campaign, such as it is, is being pulled in two directions at once — with a candidate caught in the middle who has grown so frail that moving competently in just one direction might be beyond his capabilities.

The first direction is the natural one for Biden to try and navigate, and the one he’s mostly pursued so far: Keep his head down while campaigning on a “return to normalcy” after four years of chaos under Trump.


It doesn’t matter if the chaos is mostly generated by the Left and not by Trump. As former Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker learned in his reelection loss a couple of years ago, sometimes voters will ditch the superior incumbent Republican in favor of the inferior Democrat challenger just to make the Democrat-caused headaches go away.

“Elect us and we’ll stop being such a nuisance” is essentially a protection racket, but we are talking about Democrats here.

“Elect Joe and he can make all that impeachment stuff and RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA talk ago away.” It’s a crap strategy, harmful to the Republic, but it’s the one Team Biden has been counting on all along.

VIDEO: Poor Black Communities Devastated After #BLM Riots Lead to New Food Deserts

Or at least right up until the George Floyd killing and the radical left-wing insurgency that arose in its wake.

We’re no longer talking sham impeachments or screechy SJW snowflakes taking over people’s Twitter feeds. Instead, we’re talking about a onetime peaceful protest that’s been hijacked by committed Marxists — and as of right now, the national Democratic Party is almost entirely in thrall to Marxist outfits like Black Lives Matter (#BLM) and antifa.

Biden, Supporter of BLM and antifa?
 (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)


Lefties thrive on masking totalitarian goals under benign-sounding labels. “Of course black lives matter,” well-meaning Americans agree. But #BLM’s founder “admits org’s creators are ‘trained Marxists.’


“Antifa? Of course, I’m against fascism,” well-meaning Americans also agree. But antifa is as much against democracy and constitutional government as they are against fascism. And anyway, the fascists (brownshirts) and communists (antifa) always duke it out in the streets with each other to see which one of them will get to seize power from the (small-d) democrats.

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Make no mistake: Biden and the Democrats are deep in bed with the official #BLM organization. Not only have millions in BLM donations been diverted to the Dems, but even police groups — once a core Biden constituency — have broken with the former Veep. “Police are shaking their heads because he used to be a stand-up guy who backed law enforcement,” one official said.

So who is Joe Biden? Is he the DLC-style moderate Democrat who sides with law enforcement and can put an end to four years of chaos? Or is he the guy taking money from #BLM, supporting #DefundThePolice, and who refuses to condemn the violence in our streets?

Biden could run full Left-wing Nutjob and get with his party’s renewed Marxist zeitgeist. Or he could take a page from Bill Clinton’s playbook and contrive a Sister Souljah Moment to take on his party’s crazies and win the middle of the country. Instead, he’s trying to have it both ways, whispering #BLM and antifa sweet nothings out of the left side of his mouth, while still talking like Middle-Class Joe out of the right side.


Maybe worst of all is that Biden doesn’t even have the courage of his hypocrisy. Instead of campaigning hard, he’s mostly hidden away so well that I’ve taken to calling him Punxutawney Joe.

What’s the most important thing that’s missing?

It’s called leadership.

Biden doesn’t have it. Never will.

Remember Joe Biden?


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