De Blasio Blasted by #BlackLivesMatter Over Horrifying Response to Riots

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New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio was blasted by local #BlackLivesMatter Hawk Newsome, while protestors chanted “De Blasio resign! De Blasio resign!”


Here’s the video of the event, where protestors took to the streets in anger against their own mayor rather than last week’s police murder of George Floyd.

In an interview with NY1 Tuesday morning, Newsome — who serves as president of BLM’s Greater New York City chapter — said, “Bill de Blasio has failed black New York time and time again.” He pulled no punches, insisting that “It is my firm belief that if Bill de Blasio would’ve handled the Eric Garner murder correctly, then we wouldn’t be in this.”

I have video of that for you, too:

America’s worst big-city mayor has lost control — not just of his wounded city, but of his own political base that swept the progressive Democrat into power in 2013.

Yesterday, PJ’s own Matt Margolis reported on the tense situation developing between de Blasio and Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo:


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo isn’t happy with NYC Mayor de Blasio’s incompetent response to the rioting in New York City, calling it a ‘disgrace.” Cuomo even argued he has the power to “displace” de Blasio, but that he’s not at that point yet.

Well, governor, what’s it going to take to get you to that point? You’ve already said that “The NYPD and the mayor did not do their job,” and that “What happened in New York City was inexcusable.”

Sounds to me like Cuomo is making excuses just as much as de Blasio has been.

Bill de Blasio’s Daughter Arrested at Violent Protest While Daughter of Dem Gov Tips Off Antifa

The New York Times is reporting on the riots as though from another planet unfamiliar with our ways. Reporters Dana Rubinstein and Jeffery C. Mays wrote earlier today, “The New York Police Department aggressively enforced an 8 p.m. curfew, despite assurances of restraint from the mayor.”

Ahem: A curfew is restraint, as it’s supposed to help avoid further unpleasantness, like the looting the media will barely report on. My Facebook friend Beth Donovan reposted this tale from a New Yorker who would rather remain anonymous:

We went to 14th St aiming for Union Square. Walking east on 14th towards USQ, we saw a very large group of people walking towards us. So we stopped and watched. They waited for 4 NYPD to leave the area, and within a matter of seconds, they ripped the plywood off the Foot Locker, ripped back the protective cage like foil, and began raiding the store.

Within seconds, dozens of cars pulled up, people hopped out, ran in and robbed that store. The cars would leave and the looters would run out with their loads, run down into the subway and stash it, run back out and into the store. This whole scene happened over and over with dozens of cars and hundreds of punks. Then the cars would come back and they’d pick them up with their haul and leave.

Yelling “go to the next spot”. They were very well organized, and had a plan and a map for their destruction. By the time cops mobilized to get there, the store was empty.


If you have a Facebook account, I highly recommend you click over and read the whole thing. I’d just add that this looting isn’t the result of racial tension, but instead of some very careful planning and execution.

Other local Democrats aren’t making excuses for de Blasio.

De Blasio Is Over

On Wednesday, Jeff Coltin reported for City & State New York that “it seems everyone can find something to be angry about when it comes to de Blasio.”

According to Coltin, Fordham University’s Christina Greer said on her FAQ NYC podcast, “Now the second half of his second term is filled with a complete and total disregard and lack of understanding of the anger and anguish of the residents of his own city.” He also notes that Mehdi Hasan, a columnist at The Intercept, wrote that “de Blasio needs to resign.”

He won’t, of course. There’s a strain in progressive thinking that riots are sometimes desirable, in that they foster the very resentments that help keep progressives in power. And looting? Stealing TVs and whatever is just freelance reparations. If the stores stay closed and the jobs don’t come back, that just increases the kind of dependency upon which progressives are eager to prey.

Whatever happens to de Blasio, his political career is over. There’s no advancement for him, and the remaining time in his lousy administration will be hamstrung by the fissures his misrule has created in the Democrat coalition.


Good riddance.

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