How Many Things Can You Find Wrong with This Kamala Harris Photo?

How Many Things Can You Find Wrong with This Kamala Harris Photo?

First-Gentleman-in Waiting Douglas Emhoff posted this completely, totally, 100% genuine and un-staged photo of his wife Kamala Harris last night.

The first thing I noticed is what Gerry Dales called “The full Gillibrand.” Back in February, New York Senator and presidential contender Kirsten Gillibrand did a lifestyle fluff piece for the Associated Press, and got busted for wearing an apron which her handlers had obviously just purchased as a prop. The folded-in creases, just like on Harris’ apron, were a dead giveaway. (Twitchy’s Doug P. had lots of fun with that one.)

Twitter user Freedom Recon got the inherent sexism angle: “So sweet of you to buy her that brand new apron for Mother’s Day.”

Maybe she has some nice cookie recipes for dessert?

There might be a sanitation issue, too. As The Red-Headed Libertarian noticed, “It is not relatable to even the most average of working mothers to leave raw chicken packaging on your kitchen counters, Kamala.”


Over on my Facebook timeline, Stacia Goodloe says, “I see three types of oil, but only one spice jar… strangest ‘jerk’ recipe ever.” “Authentically inauthentic!” does seem to be the theme here, doesn’t there?

The fact is that every candidate, male and female, indulges in puff lifestyle items like this. Some of them are fairly genuine (think Ronald Reagan chopping wood at his ranch), while others are so obviously staged that they’re actually insulting to everyone but the candidate’s True Believers.

I think we can file this one under So Obviously Staged That It’s Insulting.

EXIT QUESTION: Who the hell makes their busy working wife rush home just to cook on Mother’s Day?