OK, Google -- Get Lost

"Hey, Siri -- punch it." (Image courtesy Porsche)

“Hey, Siri — punch it.”
(Image courtesy Porsche)

Porsche will preload Apple CarPlay into new 911 Carrera models, but not Google’s rival Android Auto.

Here’s why:

As with any other carmaker, Porsche had the option to include Android Auto as a user-selectable connected infotainment option, but ultimately decided against it, citing Google’s data gathering proclivities, reports Motor Trend.

While not mentioned in the official PR line, Porsche was not too keen on handing over raw data gleaned from the 991/992’s onboard diagnostics unit, known as the OBD2 in automotive parlance, to Google as per Android Auto’s user agreement. For reasons unknown, the Internet search giant demands manufacturers allow access to metrics relating to vehicle speed, throttle position, coolant and oil temp, engine revs and other system specifics.

Don’t be creepy, Google.