Bringing the Sexy Back (And the Kids, Too)

"Think of America, honey."

“Think of America, honey.”

Kurt Schlichter says conservatives need to outbreed liberals:

Basically, we already erotically high-achieving conservatives need to do even better. Sure, it’s a sacrifice, but we owe it to our country.

Liberal women, encouraged by the sour crones of the radical feminist movement, often wait far too long to marry and to begin families. They were lied to – you can’t have it all. Life is choices, and a family is a choice that means trade-offs. Choose unwisely, and one may not be able to undue the relentless ticking of the biological clock.

And as far as liberal men go, well, just look at them. It’s hard muster raw sexual energy when you think foreplay consists of sobbing to your life partner about how you can’t bear the weight of your undeserved phallocentic privilege.

When leftists do breed, it seems less like a joyous reaffirmation of God’s bounty than a concession to a vaguely unpleasant conformity. Here in the heart of blue America, I see coastal liberals pushing their designer strollers with their one sad, designer clothes-clad kid. But it’s less a kid then a receptacle for their own inadequacies and unhappiness.


Read the whole thing, which is exactly the kind of red-meat fun you’ve come to expect from Kurt.

I’d add that conservatives already do outbreed the left — which is why the left is so determined to maintain its iron hold on education, K-through-12-through-infinity. If they can’t (or won’t) breed more lefties, they know how to make them.

That’s why homeschooling frightens them so much. That’s why they fight so hard against their own strongest constituents in the effort to prevent school choice and teacher accountability.

I say, hit them where it hurts.

And between the sheets, too.


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