Hill Climber

Sony Pictures announces reboot of "Mars Needs Women."

Sony Pictures announces reboot of “Mars Needs Women.”

Nice column today on Hillary Clinton from Ashe Schow, but this Nate Cohn quote stands out the most:

“Her ratings started out high as first lady in 1993, as is often the case with that role, but dropped to the mid-40s when she pursued health reform. Her ratings surged during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, but returned to the mid-40s once she ran for Senate, and remained there through her 2008 presidential campaign,” Cohn wrote. “Her ratings recovered again after she withdrew from the 2008 race and was no longer active in day-to-day politics.”

Hillary is great at politics — except when it comes to actual politicking. And I’m not being facetious, either.

Need someone to put together insanely complicated legislation? She’s your gal. Need someone to sell it to nervous congresscritters? Not so much. Need someone to make a scandal go away by any means fair or foul (but almost entirely foul)? Keep Hillary on speed dial. Need someone who can win a primary campaign against a first-term Senator with no accomplishments worth mentioning? You’d better call on someone else.

Americans like Hillary a lot better in the abstract, which is why her ratings go up when we don’t see the real thing so much.

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