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Senate Republicans have Jazz Shaw in a well-deserved tizzy over DHS funding:

If I could offer up a plaintive question to both Lindsey Graham and John McCain… why do you hate us? This was why we fought and won the election of 2014. You have all the tools you need to accomplish a significant goal which is desired by the very people who kept you in your lofty positions of power. And we’re really not asking you to do much of anything… just let the Democrats destroy themselves and enjoy some popcorn while they do so.

I’m very close to losing faith entirely. These guys have victory in their grasp and they are about to turn tail and let it slip away. In the process, they will hand a massive victory and election talking point to the people who the voters rejected last November. They could simply show up for work every day for the rest of the week, sit on their hands while saying nothing (unless the Democrats agree to a vote) and the job would be done. But apparently this is too much to ask of the Senate GOP.


Read the whole thing, which uses one issue to deftly encapsulate everything wrong with the GOP Senate.

I would add only that Jazz maybe forgot to note that “sitting on their hands while saying nothing” is outside McCain’s and Graham’s core competency, which is sitting in front of cameras while saying everything.


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