Mark Udall: Truther?

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You might have seen this video earlier today when it first made a big splash, but I didn’t get a chance to watch it until just now — the first half of Tuesdays are pretty much monopolized by Trifecta. T Becket Adams found the disturbing bit:


Context-less footage of the event surfaced recently and it shows Udall seemingly agreeing with the protesters, at one point saying of the World Trade Center towers: “There’s some evidence that there were charges planted in the buildings.”

By itself, that’s a pretty damning statement. But watching the whole thing (I could just barely stomach his audience), it’s clear that he was dealing with a truther audience and trying not to annoy anyone too much. That’s a purely political move, but he’s a politician in the political race of his life — if he weren’t playing politics he’d be politically dead already.

But enough electoral politics.

I don’t like Udall because he’s an empty suit who wouldn’t know Colorado’s interests from the hole in the ground he’d forbid miners and drillers from exploiting. He’s a reflexive Democratic vote in a very nasty Democratic Senate beholden to an incompetent and a-American Democratic President.

What I’d really like to see from a politician, any politician from either party, is a full-throated and fact-based denunciation of these truther assholes, right there on stage, impromptu and in their faces. Something so pointed and awesome and irrefutable that it would make the national news, night after night.


Don’t pander. Don’t sidestep like Udall did with that cowardly “evidence” line. Truthers get audiences they don’t deserve and credibility they’re lightyears away from, because not one politician of note (that I’m aware of) has taken an opportunity to do what Udall should have done, but was too slick and cowardly to do.

Step up, politicians — you’re supposed to be leaders.


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