Put. The Coffee. Down.

As most anybody with an ounce of brain matter knows, caffeine can be hard to kick — but now there’s even a study:

The study, coauthored by American University psychology professor Laura Juliano, shows that more people are suffering withdrawl symptoms and are unable to reduce caffeine consumption which is causes the “caffeine use disorder.”

“There is misconception among professionals and lay people alike that caffeine is not difficult to give up. However, in population-based studies, more than 50 percent of regular caffeine consumers report that they have had difficulty quitting or reducing caffeine use,” Juliano said in a press release. ”Through our research, we have observed that people who have been unable to quit or cut back on caffeine on their own would be interested in receiving formal treatment—similar to the outside assistance people can turn to if they want to quit smoking or tobacco use.”


My thought is: So what?

Lots of things aren’t easy to give up, but coffee isn’t exactly killing anyone. Back before my hyperthyroid was diagnosed, I gave up coffee because I thought it was what was making my hands shake. So for about three days I had a nasty withdrawal headache, and then that was that.

We do what we need to do.

Soon as my thyroid was taken care of, I went right back on the coffee — knowing full well how much and how long it would hurt if I had to give it up again.

But coffee!

It’s a good thing. And it isn’t just for closers.


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