Your ObamaCare Fail of the Day

Jim Geraghty: “58 Percent of the Uninsured Haven’t Even Looked at the Exchanges Yet.”

No link, because that’s from Jim’s “Morning Jolt” newsletter, but here’s more from the CBS News report:


More than two months after the health care exchanges opened, a new CBS News/New York Times poll reveals most uninsured Americans – 58 percent – say they have not looked up information about applying for insurance, while four in 10 have done that.

Forty-nine percent of uninsured Americans who looked up information were able to get the information they needed, but about as many – 48 percent – were not.

Twenty-four percent of the uninsured have turned to, the federal government’s health care web site, and 13 percent have visited a state-run web site.

If they weren’t motivated to buy insurance when it cost less and was more likely to cover only the things they need, what is going to motivate people to buy more expensive insurance which covers a whole host of things most people will never need?


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