From the Mouths of Voters

Hot off the campaign trail, with the mostly-invisible Joe Biden:

Vice President Joe Biden got an earful from a voter during an unscripted moment at Schmucker’s Restaurant here in Ohio.

Making an unexpected stop after a campaign rally, Biden stopped in the diner — known for Grandma’s Swiss steak and chicken over biscuits — to chat with patrons.

One voter — who called Biden “a good guy” — confessed to reporters that he still wasn’t a fan of the Obama administration or the vice president .

“Before that, I told him to enjoy his last couple of months,” the man, who declined to give his name, said. “Just because you’re a good guy doesn’t mean you’re a good vice president.”


Let’s forget this notion that Joe Biden is a good guy. He’s not. He’s a cretin.

Biden is a plagiarist, as we know from the 1988 campaign. His modus operandi is to appear folksy enough to get away with telling outrageous fictions. He’s ridiculously and hysterically vain. He’s a notorious cheapskate. And we’re discovering now that he’s crony capitalist of the first degree.

But let me tell you what bugs me most about him. I remember from one of his many campaigns for president, that he was boasting how his net worth was only a couple-hundred thousand dollars, because he hadn’t saved much for retirement. The man was boasting about his bad planning, about being a spendthrift.

What really got to me though was when I realized of course he hadn’t saved for retirement — he’s a US Senator. He has a pension, paid for by us. He won’t even have to rely on Social Security or Medicaid, and this was before he became Veep with all the extra goodies (and lucrative ghost-written book deals, etc.) that entails.


Joe Biden was bragging about the fact that he gets to spend all of his considerable salary on hair plugs and spray-on tans and big fake teeth, all without a care for tomorrow, because he’s a Senator and you’re not and ain’t that tough for you.

What a cretin.


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