Where the Jobs Aren't

A stunning 55% of small business owners say they wouldn’t start a new business in today’s climate, and they blame Obama for it. The cold sweat nightmare question is: How many would-be entrepreneurs just aren’t bothering in the first place? How many new businesses — new products, new services — will never get off the ground because, well, people are shrugging?


This is not a bug in Obamanomics; it’s a feature.

Everything President Empty Chair has done to “help” the economy has served to kill off entrepreneurship. Sure, there are tax incentives for new hires. But that won’t help a young entrepreneur — let’s call him “John Galt” deal with the unprecedented explosion in new regulations. It won’t help him navigate the minefield/maze of ObamaCare. It won’t get him a loan from a bank cowering in fear of what Dodd-Frank might do. It won’t help him pay for the electricity he needs, the cost of which is necessarily skyrocketing.

In just a few years, the American attitude has gone from “Let’s roll” to “screw this.”

Entrepreneurs upset apple carts. They make failures out of established businesses that were too big to fail. They don’t adhere to the plan. And if there’s one thing the vile progs insist on, it’s that everything be planned. Gotta pound down those square pegs fast, and thoroughly. How are they ever going to switch us all to subsidized battery cars if some smart prospector figures out a way to derive oil from shale?


They can’t stop everything, everywhere, of course — witness the above mentioned revolution in domestic energy production. Although its hardly from lack of trying, as Obama shuts off oil production in the waters he can control and on the Federal lands where he has jurisdiction. Private property though is such a nuisance.

But fear not. Four more years is probably all they need to finish the job.


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