Don't Go All Wobbly

Nobody wants to talk about ObamaCare anymore, not even Republicans it seems. Pat Caddell says that’s a mistake:

Some Republicans are worried that the fight over Obamacare distracts from the issue of the economy. What these Republicans fail to realize is that healthcare and the economy are inextricably linked; Americans now realize that Obamacare was a detour on the road to economic recovery, so to remind them of one is to remind them of the other. And the two issues, compounded, are all the more powerful.


The GOP ceded important ground in the debate back in 2010, when Mitch McConnell Paul Ryan and others argued that one of the big problems with the President’s plan was, that it gutted Medicaid. With that, Republicans became the defenders of an unsustainable status quo. Talk about an unforced error.

And two years later, Republicans are still using that as a talking point. We don’t call them the Stupid Party for nothing.

Anyway, read Caddell’s whole piece — it’s filled with good advice. And if Romney and the rest won’t use it, you can, as you talk to your friends and family about the election.


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