Now That's One Bold Red Map

Hat tip to MartyB, who turned me on to PJ Fusco — and a whole lot of red.

Fusco explains:

We’ve taken into account past elections, including those in which several major issues were of concern, the mood of the country as evidenced by several factors, e.g. consumer confidence, amalgam of recent polls, purchasing etc., media treatment of the candidates, i.e. general media BS, and the respective organizations of both candidates, i.e. who has the more effective ground game, who is coming off as feckless and directionless, who is more prone to destructive gaffs etc.

We make no claim to a scientific presumption, rather, based on Mr. Fusco’s years of political observation, we decided to approach our call on something we’ve labeled “The Fed-up Factor,” that is, how fed up the country is with itself.


For Romney to capture that many states — pretty much every possible R pickup — requires a “wave” election, like we saw in 2008. We had another wave — an equal-and-opposite force in 2010.

Three big waves in a row? Right now, that seems unlikely. But I’d be deliriously happy to be wrong.



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